how does binary search work

Binary search is a search algorithm that finds the position of a target value within a sorted array. It works by comparing the target value to the middle element of the array; if the target is smaller, it eliminates the upper half of the array from consideration; if the target is larger, it eliminates the lower half of the array from consideration. It then takes the remaining half and repeats the process until the target is found.
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Should I get long term health insurance?

That depends on a few factors. First, what is your current health status? Second, what is your age? Long-term health insurance may be a good option for someone who is at a higher risk of needing long-term medical care, such as someone who has a chronic health condition or someone who is over the age of 65.

How to fix SQL server log file corruption issue?

1. Take a backup of the corrupted database and the corrupt log file 2. Restore the database to an earlier or most recent point in time. 3. Restore the log file to the same point in time. 4. Check if the log file has been restored correctly by running a DBCC CHECKDB command. 5. Fix any underlying issues that might have caused the log file corruption (e.g. hardware/software faults, faulty queries etc.) 6. Shrink the log file size to a manageable level as per your data growth requirements. 7. Reduce the recovery model to SIMPLE if the database does not require frequent point in time restoration. 8. Update statistics and indexes in the database.

What are the best games compatibility tracking tools?

1. SteamDB Calculator 2. GOG Galaxy 3. PC Gaming Wiki 4. PCGamingWiki 5. Can You RUN It? 6. Mixlab 7. PC Game System Requirements 8. PCGameCheck 9. PassMark Rated Games 10. TechnologyX Games List


How to add a note to an email?
1. Compose your email by typing in the recipient's address and a subject line, then begin writing your message. 2. Once you have written your message, add a note at the end of the message by typing “Note:” followed by the note. 3. Click “Send” when you are done to send the email and attached note.
What is avatarmaker and how does it work?
Avatarmaker is a website that lets users create avatars, which are small images that represent a person, entity, brand, or idea. Users can upload images, choose from a variety of facial features, and customize them with tools such as color and size options. These avatars can then be used in a variety of ways, such as on social media, websites, or even as profile pictures.
What is SMS marketing and how can you use it?
SMS marketing (sometimes referred to as text message marketing or mobile marketing) is a type of marketing that uses text messages to send promotional messages to customers. Using this type of marketing, companies can send out coupons, discounts, and other promotional content directly to a customer's mobile device with just the click of a button. SMS marketing can help encourage customers to take advantage of a promotion or remind them of an upcoming sale or event.
Can you plug a disk drive into a Xbox One?
No, you cannot plug a disk drive into an Xbox One. The Xbox One console only includes a Blu-ray/ DVD drive, which cannot be replaced.
How to add Instagram feed to WordPress website?
To add Instagram feed to your WordPress website, you can use the InstaGo WordPress Plugin. This plugin allows you to easily integrate your Instagram feed into your WordPress website. It uses a shortcode to quickly add the feed to any page or post on your website. You can customize the design of the feed to match your website and make sure it looks attractive. Additionally, InstaGo has lots of other features such as social sharing, hashtag search, user search, and more. To get started, simply install the plugin and add the shortcode to your WordPress post or page.
When does a bank have to tell you your account has been suspended?
Generally, a bank should notify you in writing if they decide to suspend your account. This notice should explain the reasons behind the suspension, the actions you can take to reinstate your account, and how long the account will be suspended for.