What is a sub machine gun called?

A submachine gun is usually referred to as a "subgun" or a "machine pistol."
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How to set up a game of solitaire?

1. Gather the materials: - 1 deck of standard playing cards (52 cards) - 1 flat surface for playing 2. Arrange the cards in columns and add the starter piles: - Take the cards out of the box and arrange them facedown into seven columns of cards. - Set the top card of each column faceup, leaving the rest facedown. 3. Set up the foundation piles: - Take the remaining facedown cards and arrange them into four piles to the right of the columns. - Each pile should have one card facedown, with all the other cards facedown on top of it. 4. Set up the stock pile: - Take the facedown cards to the right of the foundation piles and shuffle them together. - Place the pile facedown to the right of the foundation piles and form the stock pile. 5. Start playing: - Turn over the top card of the stock pile and place it faceup on the left of the stock pile. - Starting with the card that is faceup in the first column, draw the cards one-by-one from each column, placing the revealed card on top of the faceup card in the stock pile. - When you reach the end of the column, you may begin a new foundation pile or move cards from one foundation pile to another or to a column. - When all of the cards have been drawn from the stock pile, flip over the entire stock pile, shuffle the cards, and begin again. 6. Objective: - The objective is to move all of the cards from the tableau to the foundation piles. - Once all of the cards are shuffled, with the cards in the foundation piles and the tableau, create four piles of thirteen cards each, called the foundation piles. - Each foundation pile is built up in suit from Ace to King. - All the cards left in the tableau columns are built down from King to Ace, regardless of suit. - The top card can be moved to any other column but can only be placed in an empty column or on a card that is one rank higher than itself and of the opposite color.

What is the peerconnect program?

The PeerConnect program is a brand new initiative from Microsoft designed to help software developers and businesses build custom applications and develop data-driven solutions with Microsoft technology. It connects developers and businesses with a group of trained, certified experts around the world who provide technical guidance, best practices and cost-effective, reliable cloud solutions. The goal of the program is to help make custom software development faster, easier and more secure.

is cyberbullying worse than bullying

Cyberbullying can be more damaging than traditional bullying in some cases. When compared to traditional bullying, cyberbullying can be more difficult to detect and often reaches a much larger audience. Additionally, the effects of cyberbullying are more far-reaching and can have long-term emotional and psychological consequences. Cyberbullying often follows the target long after the initial offence and makes them feel as though there is no escape.


How does SQL Server allocate memory?
SQL Server allocates memory to databases in two different ways. The first way is called an “automatic” allocation, which uses dynamic memory management. This system works by allocating more memory to databases as they are being used and then releasing memory when it’s no longer needed. The second way SQL Server allocates memory is through manual configuration. Administrators can manually configure the amount of memory for each database to ensure that it has the optimal amount for its workloads.
Are your online meetings as productive and collaborative as in-person meetings?
No, online meetings may not be as productive and collaborative as in-person meetings. In-person meetings give participants the ability to interact with one another in real-time, giving them more freedom to share their ideas and collaborate more quickly. Furthermore, in-person meetings give participants the ability to pick up on subtle nonverbal cues, aiding collaboration and problem solving in a way an online meeting does not.
Can you bring peanut butter on a plane?
Yes, you can bring jars of peanut butter in either carry-on or checked bags when flying. However, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) states that containers of peanut butter larger than 3.4 ounces (or 100 milliliters) must be placed in checked bags.
How do I setup Wirecast s for Microsoft Stream?
1. Create an instance of the Wirecast software on your device. 2. Create a new stream in Wirecast. 3. Select Microsoft Stream as the streaming service provider. 4. Log in to your Microsoft Stream account and enter the stream information. 5. Configure the specific settings within Wirecast for your stream. 6. Set up your camera and sound sources. 7. Preview the stream and adjust any audio and video settings as needed. 8. Start the stream when ready.
What is Google Fit and how to use it?
Google Fit is a fitness tracking app available for Android and Wear OS by Google phones. It helps users to track and improve their physical activity, nutrition and sleep. It encourages users to set goals, track their daily activity, monitor their heart rate, log their steps and track calories. Google Fit also makes it easy to compare workouts and even create customized coaching sessions on your phone. To use Google Fit, simply open the app, sign in with your Google account and agree to the terms of service. Then you can start tracking your activity, nutrition and sleep.
What happens if the axillary nerve is damaged?
If the axillary nerve is damaged, it can cause paralysis of the shoulder muscles and a weakened ability to lift the arm. This can lead to difficulty in performing fine motor tasks, lifting objects, and loss of sensation in the shoulder area. In severe cases, permanent loss of function may occur. Surgery is usually required to repair the nerve in order to restore function as much as possible.