What is the pathogenesis of Bosma syndrome?

Bosma syndrome is a rare genetic abnormality caused by a mutation in the NPHP1 gene. The mutation affects the DNA code and results in a decrease or absence of a specific protein. Without this protein, normal cell growth and development is disrupted and can lead to a variety of physical and developmental issues, including complicated multi-systemic brain and eye abnormalities. Individuals with Bosma Syndrome often have vision loss caused by optic nerve atrophy, structural changes in the retina, and abnormalities in the structure and development of the optic nerve and related structures. Additionally, abnormalities of the brain may result in hydrocephalus, seizures, and cognitive delays. Some individuals may also experience hearing loss, cardiac anomalies, respiratory problems, and problems with their gastrointestinal system.
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How many incumbents will be displaced by Digital Disruptors in 5 years?

It is impossible to accurately predict the exact number of incumbents that will be displaced by Digital Disruptors in the next 5 years. Digital disruption is an ongoing process and the level of disruption in each sector and industry can vary depending on a variety of factors such as market conditions and technology advances.

How do I add a comment to a cell in Excel?

To add a comment to a cell in Excel, right-click on the cell, select “Insert Comment”, and type in your comment. To view the comment, hover your mouse over the cell. To edit or delete the comment, right-click on the cell, select “Edit Comment”, and make any desired changes.

Why transfer your number to numberbarn?

Transferring your number to NumberBarn allows you to save your number for future use even if you switch phones or providers. By transferring your number to NumberBarn, you will keep your number active, have access to customer support, and potentially save money. NumberBarn also provides additional features such as low-cost international calls, text message forwarding, and mobile apps.


What happens if my bank account contains no money?
If your bank account contains no money, you won't be able to access the funds in the account. Depending on your bank's policies, you may be charged a fee for having insufficient funds, may be charged interest, or may be unable to withdraw more money from the account.
What are the advantages of a provisional application?
1. Lower Fees: Provisional applications are typically significantly less expensive to file than non-provisional applications. 2. Early Priority Date: The filing date of a provisional application acts as the priority date for any later-filed non-provisional applications claiming priority to it. 3. Quicker to File: Provisional applications are typically faster and simpler to file, since they don’t require as many formalities to be observed as non-provisional applications. 4. Flexibility: Provisional applications provide inventors with a degree of flexibility since they can be amended with new disclosure in a later-filed non-provisional application. 5. Confidentiality: Provisional applications are not published and therefore provide a greater degree of confidentiality for the invention.
When is next BP wipe?
A new BP wipe generally occurs every two weeks, in combination with the game's monthly updates. The exact date for each BP wipe usually occurs a few days before the game's regular update. You can follow news about the game and upcoming updates through their official channels.
Can an IRB use expedited review for research involving prisoners?
Yes, an IRB can use expedited review for research involving prisoners as long as the research meets the criteria outlined in the Common Rule. The Common Rule outlines categories of research that may be reviewed using an expedited procedure, and research involving prisoners is one of them.
What is a cavalry carbine Snider-Enfield?
The Snider-Enfield Cavalry Carbine was a British carbine weapon designed by Jacob Snider and Sir Joseph Whitworth and adopted by the British Empire in 1866. It was a muzzle-loading, breech-loading conversion of the standard Pattern 1853 Enfield rifle-musket and remained in service for twenty-five years until the introduction of the Martini-Henry in 1871. The cavalry carbine was 38 inches (965 mm) long with a 21-inch (533-mm) barrel and a dismountable hip-stock. The stock was made from walnut, while the metal parts featured a blacked finish. A 230-grain conical bullet was loaded with 70 grains of black powder, allowing for a muzzle velocity of 1227 fps. While shorter and lighter than the Pattern 1853 Enfield, the Carbine still weighed 10 pounds (4.5 kg). The Snider-Enfield Cavalry Carbine was widely used in colonial conflicts of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, serving with British and other forces in the Anglo-Zulu War (1879), the Second Boer War (1899-1902), and in other conflicts in Africa and the Middle East.
How to straighten a telephone cord without removing it?
It is not recommended to try to straighten a telephone cord without removing it. This could cause damage to the wires inside the cord. If wanting to straighten the cord, the safest option is to remove it from the telephone, straighten it as you wish, and then reconnect it.