How to return another promise to call?

You can return another promise to call by using the then() method. The then() method has two parameters, the first being a function to be executed when the promise is resolved and then the second is a function to be executed if the promise is rejected. You can return a new promise from any of these two functions, allowing you to chain promises together.
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How to choose the right technology for your next project?

1. Identify the project's requirements and objectives: Before you can choose the right technology for your project, you'll need to fully understand the objectives, use cases, and any desired outcomes of the project. Ask yourself questions such as, "what am I building this for? What will it do? What technology do I currently have in place that I can use or improve upon?" 2. Research available technologies: Once you've identified the requirements of your project, you can start researching available technologies that can help you achieve your goals. Look into different open source and paid platforms, as well as any existing solutions that can be tailored to your needs. 3. Talk to other stakeholders: Before you make a final decision, make sure to consult with other stakeholders that may be affected by the technology you choose. This can be team members, external collaborators, or clients. 4. Consider ease of use, scalability, and cost: As you're making a decision, consider the ease of use, scalability, and cost of the technology. These factors can have a huge impact on the success of your project, so make sure to weigh them carefully. 5. Test the technology: Before committing to any technology, it's important to test it out to determine its effectiveness. You can either do this yourself or enlist the help of professionals to evaluate the technology.

How to create multiple tables in a database?

To create multiple tables in a database, you first need to create the database. Then, you need to create the desired number of tables, each with its own columns and data types. You can use SQL commands such as CREATE TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. Once the tables are created, you can then run queries to get the data you desire.

What is the average salary for a cyber security engineer?

The average salary for a cyber security engineer varies greatly depending on the engineer's experience level and geographical location. In the United States, the average salary for a mid-level cyber security engineer is around $102,000, while an experienced cyber security engineer can earn up to $125,000 or more.


Does United still use fixed pricing for Star Alliance partner flights?
Yes, United still uses fixed pricing for Star Alliance partner flights.
How do amputees with a trans-femoral amputation walk?
Amputees with a trans-femoral amputation can walk with the use of an artificial limb (sometimes called a prosthesis). The prosthesis is typically custom-fitted to the amputee and may include a socket, a suspension system to connect the limb to the body, an artificial knee and foot, and possibly a shock-absorbing system to make walking smoother. With regular practice and physical therapy, most amputees with a trans-femoral amputation can learn to walk again.
How did the early Christians spread their faith?
Early Christians spread their faith primarily through word of mouth, through small house-based meetings and by travelling between cities, both within Roman Empire and across the whole Mediterranean region. Other methods were also used to spread Christianity, such as literature, iconography and other forms of visual art, and artwork depicting religious scenes which were distributed from the Church. In addition to this, due to the changing political climate across the region, other concessions were also made to allow Christians to preach and spread the faith.
Is there a parallel between the brain and a computer?
Yes, there are some parallels between the brain and a computer. Both can process information and use logic to make decisions. Both can use memory to store and recall information. Both can learn from feedback.
How do I play a full screen version of a video?
There are several ways to play a full screen version of a video, depending on the type of device you’re using and the video’s format. YouTube videos can be played in full screen mode by clicking the “Full screen” button at the bottom of the player. On computers, you can use a media player such as VLC Player, QuickTime Player, or Windows Media Player to play a full screen version of the video. Additionally, many mobile devices have an option that allows you to play video content in full screen mode in their video players.
How much does a hosting reseller earn?
The exact amount that a hosting reseller earns depends on the type and size of their reseller business, their customer base, and the services and products they are offering. Generally, hosting resellers earn anywhere from 30-60% of the hosting fees they receive from customers.