What is long time support (LTS) for Java 11?

Long time support (LTS) for Java 11 is the designation used by Oracle to denote public updates that will be available to users until the end of their support cycle. This means that Oracle will provide public updates and bug fixes for Java 11 until at least September 2026. It is also worth noting that Oracle reserves the right to extend the support cycle for Java 11 if needed.
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How do pharmacists communicate effectively with patients?

1. Use clear and understandable language. 2. Be attentive to the patient's concerns and address them in an appropriate manner. 3. Ask open-ended questions to get greater insight into the patient's condition and preferences. 4. Listen patiently and avoid interrupting the patient. 5. Explain any potential risks and side effects of medications to the patient. 6. Provide accurate and up-to-date information about the patient's medications. 7. Ask the patient to provide feedback about their understanding of their medication regimen. 8. Encourage questions and seek clarification to ensure the patient is informed. 9. Respect a patient’s right to decline medication or seek a second opinion. 10. Follow up with a patient to assess the effectiveness of their medication plan.

Why did the Roman Empire change its military so often?

The Roman Empire changed its military frequently in order to stay ahead of its enemies, who were often trying to find weaknesses in the Roman forces. In addition, Rome was always trying to develop more efficient and effective tactics and strategies to take advantage of the latest advancements in technology and military warfare. Finally, significant changes in the social, economic, and political landscape of the Mediterranean region meant that the Roman military was forced to adapt in order to remain competitive.

How do you add audio to a video?

To add audio to a video, you will first need to obtain the audio you wish to add. Once you have the audio file, you can use a video editing program, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or Apple’s iMovie, to import the audio file and place it on the video. From there, you can adjust the audio settings such as the volume, pan, and fade. Finally, you will need to render the video file with the audio included to create the final version.


Can I get Thai citizenship after holding PR for 5 years?
No, you cannot receive Thai citizenship through holding a Permanent Resident Status in Thailand for 5 years. As of 2020, the only way to obtain Thai citizenship is through naturalization, which requires you to reside in Thailand for a minimum of 10 consecutive years and also fulfill certain other prerequisite criteria, as prescribed by the Thai Immigration Bureau.
How many Sega consoles were sold in 1989?
There is no definitive answer to this question as sales figures are not readily available. Additionally, demand and sales of consoles vary by region and by retailer.
What type of plumbing should you use when remodeling your home?
The type of plumbing used in a home remodel depends on the full scope of the project. If you’re simply replacing fixtures, then it’s likely you’ll be using standard copper or PEX piping. If you’re doing a major renovation that involves rerouting pipes or adding pipes, you may need to use CPVC, galvanized steel, or ABS pipes. In rare cases, if you need a durable, corrosion-resistant option that has high pressure tolerance, you might use PVC or stainless steel piping. It’s important to consult a professional plumber to decide on the best type of plumbing for your project.
What is the difference between immediate addressing and register addressing?
Immediate addressing is a type of addressing used in programming to provide the machine with an immediate constant numerical value that can be used in calculations. This value is provided to the machine during the runtime of a program and is treated by the machine as a literal value. Register addressing is a type of addressing that involves directly accessing certain registers. This type of addressing allows a program to access specific registers within the hardware architecture, such as the program counter or an accumulator register, to retrieve or manipulate data. It allows for much faster execution of instructions than immediate addressing.
How to change iPhone wallpaper in the Settings app?
1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. 2. Tap “Wallpaper”. 3. Select “Choose a New Wallpaper”. 4. Choose an image from the options provided or select “Photos” to choose from your photo library. 5. If you’re using the “Photos” feature, you can zoom and move the photo to the desired area. 6. Tap “Set” in the upper right corner of the screen. 7. Select either “Set Lock Screen”, “Set Home Screen” or “Set Both”. 8. Wait for the wallpaper to be set and you’re finished.
Why to use an achromatic lens?
An achromatic lens is a type of lens that is designed to reduce chromatic aberrations, or color distortions, in optical systems. It works by combining two or more elements with different amounts of dispersion (the tendency of light of different colors to travel at different speeds through a medium) so that the colors are focused simultaneously to form an image. Achromatic lenses are useful in a variety of settings where a minimized amount of chromatic aberration is desired such as cameras, telescopes, microscopes and scientific instruments.