How to extract part of text string from right in Excel?

1. Using the RIGHT function: The RIGHT function is a function in Excel that can be used to extract a specific number of characters from the right of a given text string. Syntax: RIGHT(text, num_chars) Example: To extract 4 characters from the right of the text string “Alamo”, you can use the following formula: =RIGHT("Alamo",4) The result would be: omo
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What is the minimum height for a mobile home in Arkansas?

The State of Arkansas does not mandate a minimum height for mobile homes, however most mobile homes must meet the requirements of the Local Building Code and any applicable zoning ordinances.

How to enable spelling check before sending mail in outlook?

1. Open Outlook and click “File” in the top navigation bar. 2. Select “Options” from the left navigation pane. 3. Click the “Mail” tab in the left navigation menu and then scroll down to the “Spelling and Autocorrect” section. 4. Check the box next to “Always check spelling before sending.” 5. Click “OK” to save the changes.

Do product managers with no tech background work on technical products?

Yes, product managers with no tech background can work on technical products, though the product team may need more technical resources in order to fully understand the needs of the customer and develop a feature roadmap for building the product. Product managers can often bridge the communication gap between technical and non-technical team members to ensure everyone is on the same page. Additionally, product managers may need to understand the technical terminology of a product in order to effectively communicate with stakeholders who have a technical background. A non-technical product manager may also need guidance from other team members who have a more technical background in order to tailor the product best to fit the customer's needs.


What is the difference between the Mediterranean and tropical climates?
The Mediterranean climate is usually characterized by warm to hot, dry summers and mild, rainy winters. This type of climate is found in much of the western coast of Europe and parts of California, Chile, and Australia. The tropical climate is characterized by hot and humid weather all year long. It is found in regions near the equator, such as India, Central America, and Southeast Asia.
Will we see new iPads and computers in October?
Apple usually releases new iPad and computer models in the fall, so it is likely that new models will be available in October.
What is the relationship between crime and drug use?
The relationship between crime and drug use is complex and not completely understood. Studies suggest that there is a link between drug use and committing crimes. Drug users may engage in criminal activities in order to obtain drugs, and drugs can lead to impulsive and risky behavior that can result in criminal activity. Additionally, individuals who are addicted to drugs often find themselves in desperate financial straits and may resort to crime in order to obtain money for drugs. Nonetheless, not all individuals who use drugs engage in criminal activities.
Does SQL Server database compatibility level matter?
Yes, the SQL Server database compatibility level can have a significant impact on the behaviour of your database. The compatibility level defines which version of SQL Server a database is compatible with, and determines the behaviour of certain database features. For instance, certain T-SQL commands may only work with databases set to certain compatibility levels.
Can you have a society without politics?
No, politics and society are inherently linked, as politics attempts to meet the needs and wants of society, and society itself creates the political environment.
How to save OneNote to desktop?
1. Open OneNote and select your desired note. 2. Click the "File" menu in the menu bar and choose "Save As". 3. Select "OneNote Notebook" from the drop-down menu under "Save As Type". 4. Select a location on your desktop where you would like to save your note. 5. Click "Save". Your OneNote note will be saved as a .one file on your desktop.