Can I use Jira software for more than 35,000 users?

No, Jira Software is currently limited to 10,000 users. If you have more than 10,000 users, you should upgrade to Jira Core, which can handle up to 35,000 users.
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Why are externalities referred to as market failures?

Externalities, or when the costs or benefits of an action are not fully captured by an individual or business, are referred to as market failures because they demonstrate that the market is not working as efficiently as it should and is not efficiently allocating resources. This often leads to an inefficient allocation of resources, which can result in an overall lower quality of goods and services. Because of this, externalities can lead to negative impacts on society as a whole despite being beneficial or harmful to an individual or business.

How to create procedure in Oracle SQL Developer?

1. Open Oracle SQL Developer. 2. In the Connections tab on the right-hand side of the main window, right-click on the connection for the database that you wish to create the procedure for and select "Open SQL Worksheet". 3. Enter your query to create the procedure in the SQL Worksheet. 4. Once the query is written, click on the Run Statement icon at the top of the SQL Worksheet window. 5. Your procedure will then be successfully created.

What is the process of digital transformation?

1. Establish goals: Establish the business goals driving the digital transformation. 2. Assess capabilities: Evaluate the current technology environment and identify areas which need to be addressed before starting a successful digital transformation. 3. Develop a strategy: Create a roadmap to achieve your established objectives, outlining the necessary steps, resources, and timelines required to achieve success. 4. Design a customer experience: Design a unified customer experience that is omnichannel and personalized. 5. Create content & promote marketing: Develop content and communications that illustrate the value of your digital transformation to customers. 6. Test and launch: Integrate, test and launch your new digital platforms and solutions. 7. Monitor and adjust: Monitor the progress of your digital transformation and make adjustments to ensure success.


What are the intracellular membranes of eukaryotic cells?
The intracellular membranes of eukaryotic cells include the nuclear envelope, endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, lysosomes, vacuoles, mitochondria, and plasma membrane.
How to build relationships with prospects?
1. Make an effort to really get to know them: Take the time to learn about your prospects and make efforts to remember past conversations you’ve had with them. Building relationships requires effort and commitment, so make sure you show that you’re willing to invest in getting to know them and their needs. 2. Ask the right questions: Listen to your prospects and ask thoughtful questions that help you understand their core business needs and objectives. Establishing a good rapport will also make it easier for your prospect to open up about their challenges and opportunities. 3. Provide helpful advice: Demonstrate that you know their industry and can provide valuable insights and advice. Focus on providing value in order to help make their lives easier, which will strengthen your credibility and build trust. 4. Follow up: Respond promptly to their questions and offers of help. Consistent follow-up every few weeks will help keep the relationship alive and demonstrate your commitment. 5. Reach out periodically: Share news or articles that are of particular interest to them. While it’s important to stay on their radar, don’t go overboard with the frequency.
How do I find the model number of my TV?
On most television sets, the model number is located on the back of the TV. It may also be printed on a sticker on the side or inside the battery compartment of the remote control. Some manufacturers also print the model number on the frame near the bottom of the screen.
What is the difference between a crossbreed and a hybrid?
Crossbreeds are the offspring from breeding two different varieties, breeds, or populations of the same species. Hybrids are the offspring of parents from different species or subspecies.
How do you fix icons not showing up on Windows 11?
1. Update Windows: Check and make sure that Windows 11 is up to date. 2. Delete IconCache.db: Open up the Run command and type in “% localappdata %\IconCache.db” and press Enter. This will open the directory containing the IconCache.db file, which stores information related to your icon cache. Delete the IconCache.db file and restart your computer. This will regenerate the icon cache. 3. Restore System Files: Type in the Run command “sfc /scannow” and press Enter to launch the System File Checker, which scans and repairs corrupted system files. 4. Reinstall the Program: If the problem persists, try reinstalling the program that is displaying the missing icons.
What is device control?
Device control is a security feature that enables organizations to restrict access to and control the usage of USB devices and other external peripheral devices used by employees. It allows them to monitor and record events, define access rights to such devices, and can even block any unauthorized device from connecting to the corporate network. It is also used to block access to networking peripherals such as wireless cards, modems, and antennas.