How long OneDrive for business keeps deleted user data?

Microsoft's OneDrive for Business retains deleted user data for one month.
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What are the current trends in PCB design?

1. High Speed Signaling with increased data rates. 2. Heightened focus on PCB design for reliability. 3. Use of more advanced USB standards such as USB 3.x and USB-C, and designs tailored to those standards. 4. More sophisticated circuit simulation and design analysis tools. 5. Development of more flexible and sophisticated processes for plating and etching circuits. 6. Innovative design solutions to reduce the area needed to package components. 7. Higher wattage components and the use of thermal management technologies. 8. Use of digital and embedded systems design to improve functionality. 9. Use of small form factor boards for smaller boards and devices. 10. Utilizing 3D printing for making circuit boards.

Can I handle multiple endpoints in one lambda function?

Yes! Lambda functions can be configured to support multiple endpoints and routes. Using API Gateway, you can create multiple paths that trigger the same Lambda function, and the function can then parse the data contained in the request to determine which action to take.

How do you get 200 eliminations in Black Ops Cold War?

Getting 200 eliminations in Black Ops Cold War would require a significant amount of time and effort. You could accomplish this by playing a large number of rounds in the various game modes, such as Multi-team, Free-for-All, and Team Deathmatch. Additionally, playing in Hardcore or “Realism” modes may help you increase your kill-to-death ratio and improve your overall performance. You will want to focus on efficient use of your weapons and scorestreaks, map knowledge, and developing situational awareness and reflexes to maximize your efficiency and rack up more eliminations.


Why can't I find a conversation on bumble?
It is possible that the conversation you are trying to find is no longer visible in your Bumble app. Depending on the settings you have set in the app, conversations may expire after a certain amount of time. Additionally, if you or the other user of the conversation have blocked each other, the conversation may no longer appear.
Where is the hippocampus located?
The hippocampus is located in the medial temporal lobe of the brain.
How does carbon monoxide affect the oxygen carrying capacity of blood?
Carbon monoxide (CO) binds to the oxygen-carrying molecule in the blood, hemoglobin, much more strongly than oxygen does. This process, known as oxygen displacement, reduces the amount of oxygen the blood can carry, depriving the organs and tissues of oxygen, disrupting metabolic processes, and possibly leading to tissue damage. In extreme cases, carbon monoxide exposure can lead to coma, organ failure, and even death.
Should you list your latest job on LinkedIn?
Yes, it is beneficial to list your last job on LinkedIn, as it can provide potential employers and recruiters with more insight into your professional background and qualifications.
Is IL-22 an innate source of mucosal immunity?
Yes, IL-22 is an innate source of mucosal immunity. In particular, it helps to protect the mucosal barrier from microbial infections, as well as helping to modulate the inflammatory response to injury or infection.
What is the car spawn rate in Fortnite?
The car spawn rate in Fortnite is random and not controlled by the developers.