How long does CloudFront take to respond to origin?

The time it takes for CloudFront to respond to origin can vary depending on the type of request, the size of the requested content and other factors. Generally, CloudFront responds to origin requests in about 1-2 seconds.
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Will Birmingham 2022 be the best attended Commonwealth Games in history?

It is too soon to say whether Birmingham 2022 will be the best attended Commonwealth Games in history. The exact number of spectators attending the Games will depend on the availability of seating, ticket prices, and other factors. In addition, the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the ability of people to travel will play a role.

How to download Instagram reels audio for offline purpose?

Unfortunately, Instagram does not allow users to download Reels for offline listening. However, you can use a third-party website or app to record the audio from the Instagram Reel. One such website is which allows you to input the Instagram Reel’s URL and record the audio.

Can art and technology coexist in education?

Yes, art and technology can coexist in education. Technology can be used to support and enhance learning in art classes, such as through animation and software programs. It can also be used to create new forms of art, such as digital art, which is artwork created with the help of computers. Technology can also be used to help teachers engage students in creative projects, as well as help students communicate and collaborate on art projects in virtual classrooms.


How many athletes will compete at the 2022 Olympic Games in Birmingham?
It is unclear at this stage how many athletes will compete at the 2022 Olympic Games in Birmingham, as the Olympic and Paralympic organizing committee is still in the process of making plans for the games.
What is the most controversial Santeria ritual?
The most controversial Santeria ritual is animal sacrifice. This is believed by many to be an essential part of initiating a practitioner into the religion, although there is disagreement among practitioners on this matter. Animal sacrifice is controversial in other religions too, or when used outside the context of Santeria rituals.
How many logins do I need to activate office?
You do not need to login to activate Office. You can activate Office with your product key or a license code.
How do you butter popcorn without making it soggy?
The best way to butter popcorn without making it soggy is to first heat the popcorn in the microwave or stovetop. After it’s heated, spread the butter evenly over the top and stir to coat. You can also melt the butter and pour it over the popcorn, stirring to combine. You can also spray the popcorn with butter-flavored cooking spray which won’t make it soggy.
What are the benefits of companion plants?
1. Pest control: Companion planting is a natural and organic way to deter pests from eating your plants. Many companion plants have strong scents and contain oils that repel certain pests. 2. Nutrient balance: By planting different types of plants together, each plant can benefit from specific nutrients that the other is providing. This can result in both plants having improved yields. 3. Cover crops: Certain companion plants can provide much needed cover for your crops. This can act as a windbreak or shade, providing protection from the elements. 4. Disease control: Planting increasingly popular garden trios, known as the Three Sisters, helps to control disease. The combination of corn, pole beans, and squash provide shelter, shade, and nutrients that limit the spread of disease. 5. Attract beneficial insects: Certain companion plants are very attractive to certain beneficial insects. Ladybugs, for example, are a gardener’s best friend and can help keep destructive pests at bay. 6. Improved yields: With all these benefits, companion planting can dramatically increase your overall yields from your garden. With fewer pests and diseases, your plants won’t suffer as much damage, resulting in larger and more nutritious harvests.
Can you buy a 100TB SSD?
No, 100TB SSDs do not yet exist. The largest consumer SSD available currently has a capacity of 8TB.