How to edit Department Datacard in power apps?

1. Open the app in which the data card is located. 2. Click on the data card in the app canvas to select it. 3. Open the Property panel on the right of the canvas to view the Data card properties. 4. Click on the dropdown arrow next to the data card of the department name and select Edit formula. 5. Enter the data source on the right of the formula bar and Select the department column. 6. Now, you can edit the department data card by changing the properties like label, data field, error message, required etc. 7. Once all the changes are done, click on the tick mark at the top of the formula bar to save the edited data card. 8. To test the edited data card, click on the play button at the top of the canvas and use the app.
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How to unlock iPhone after its disabled?

If your iPhone is disabled, you can unlock it by connecting it to iTunes and restoring it. Make sure to have a recent backup of your data before you do this. If this fails, then you will need to contact Apple support for further help.

What do landscape architects do on a daily basis?

Landscape architects typically work in the office planning and designing landscape projects. This may include creating detailed drawings using computer software, preparing presentations and costing plans, liaising with clients and regulatory authorities, and researching materials, products, and local climate conditions. On the field, landscape architects may conduct site visits or surveys, observe or analyze site conditions, take measurements, or carry out construction or management activities.

What does an acute care pharmacist do?

An acute care pharmacist is responsible for providing medication-related services in a clinical setting, usually within a hospital or other healthcare facility. These pharmacists monitor patient medications to ensure they are appropriate and safe, counsel patients and healthcare providers on the use of medications and potential side effects, and provide advice on drug interactions and appropriate dosing. They also advise healthcare teams on medication cost-effectiveness and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive patient care.


How do I reactivate my plan if my account is suspended?
If your account is suspended, you will need to contact your mobile service provider in order to reactivate your plan. Depending on the reason for suspension, you may be required to pay any outstanding balances on your account before your plan can be reactivated.
Do you need a Facebook app?
No, in most cases a Facebook app is not necessary. However, there are some uses for Facebook apps, such as helping to create custom page tabs or automating certain tasks on Facebook.
What is the difference between Purepure and extracted rose essential oil?
Pure rose essential oil is a highly-concentrated form of extracted rose oil that has gone through a steam distillation process. It has a strong aroma and contains a number of natural components including monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes and aldehydes. Extracted rose essential oil, on the other hand, is created by using solvents (like alcohol) to separate the ingredients in the rose’s petals and extract their oil. This method is more efficient than steam distillation, and the resulting oil still has a strong aroma, but it doesn’t contain as many of the natural components present in pure rose essential oil.
How to store date data in SQL Server?
Date data in SQL Server can be stored by using the Date, Datetime, or Datetime2 data types. The Date data type stores only the date (year, month, and day) and has a range of January 1, 0001 through December 31, 9999, with an accuracy of one day. The Datetime data type stores both the date and the time of day (with an accuracy of three-hundredths of a second) and has a range of January 1, 1753 through December 31, 9999. The Datetime2 data type stores both the date and time of day (with an accuracy of one-hundredths of a second) and has a range of January 1, 0001 through December 31, 9999.
How do I install an AutoCAD profile?
1. First, download the AutoCAD profile you want to install. 2. Then, open the AutoCAD application, go to Manage tab, then Workspace. 3. On the Workspace page, click on the Import button, find the downloaded profile and click open. 4. Finally, select the profile you want to install and click Apply. The profile should now be installed and ready to use.
What did Tsai Ing-wen say about China's military drills?
In response to China's military drills in the Taiwan Strait, Tsai Ing-wen stated, "The Chinese military repeatedly sending its forces to the airspace around Taiwan is threatening the stability across the Taiwan Strait and undermining the regional security."