How to detect inactive accounts?

1. Check for logged in activity: One way to detect inactive accounts is to check for logged in activity. If a user hasn't logged into their account for a certain period of time, it is likely that their account is inactive. 2. Track account usage: Tracking the usage of accounts can also help to detect inactive accounts. If there is no activity associated with an account, it is likely that the user is no longer using it or has gone dormant. 3. Send emails to inactive users: You can send emails to inactive users to check if they are still using their account or if they need to reactivate it. 4. Monitor changes in newsletter subscriptions: If a user is no longer interested in receiving updates or newsletters, it can be a sign that they are no longer using the account. 5. Track changes in spending pattern: If a user's spending habits have changed drastically, it can also be an indication that the account is inactive.
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What is information need in psychology?

Information need in psychology is the need for individuals to obtain knowledge, information and support from professionals in order to make positive changes in their lives. It might be related to mental health issues, relationship difficulties, career choices or simply life’s big questions. Information need can also refer to the need for research in order to gain greater understanding of different psychological topics.

Is PHP a good coding language?

Yes, PHP is a good programming language. It is easy to use and understand, and it is versatile and can be used to create websites and dynamic web applications. It is also an open source language and can be used to create both client-side and server-side applications.

What happens if the radiator cap is stuck?

If the radiator cap is stuck, it is best to get the vehicle seen by a professional mechanic. The cap should be able to be removed without damaging the radiator, but there is a chance that it has become corroded and may need to be replaced. In some cases, the vehicle may need to be cool before it can be removed.


How do I get rid of flicker in Photoshop?
To get rid of flicker in Photoshop, try using the Reduce Noise filter (found in the Filter dropdown menu). You can also use the Reduce Color Noise filter or the Dust & Scratches filter. Both are found under the Noise filter in the Filter dropdown. Other options to reduce flicker include adjusting the levels or curves, sharpening the image, and increasing the contrast.
Should capital punishment be regulated?
Yes, capital punishment should be regulated. In order to ensure fair and ethical use of capital punishment, many nations have established strict criteria to separate when the death penalty can and cannot be used. Furthermore, countries have begun to utilize independent bodies such as courts and commissions to determine if the death penalty applies to certain cases. This regulation can also help to ensure that the death penalty is being applied fairly, and does not disproportionately target certain demographics or people of lower socioeconomic standings.
What is the alternating knit/purl pattern of garter stitch knit flat?
In garter stitch knit flat, the pattern is to knit every row.
How to convert wpexport to docx format?
If you are looking to convert WPEExport to a DOCX format, a good option is to use an online file-conversion tool such as To do this, simply upload your WPEExport file to Zamzar, select the DOCX format, then click “Convert”. Once the conversion is complete, download the DOCX file directly to your computer.
What percent of guests will decline the wedding invitation?
This is impossible to answer, as it will depend on the specific wedding and the type of people invited.
Why was a man dragged off a United Airlines plane?
The man was dragged off a United Airlines plane because the airline oversold the flight and the man refused to give up his seat voluntarily.