How do I use Lambda with API gateway?

1. Create an API gateway by going to Services > API Gateway in the AWS Console. 2. Create a Resource and then a Method for the resource, such as a POST or GET method. 3. Select Lambda as the Integration Type. 4. Enter your Lambda Function name and hit ‘Save and Test’. 5. Make sure your API is enabled and working by testing it in the API Gateway testing console. 6. Finally, deploy your API through API stages to make it accessible in the production environment.
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Can I get a loan without a title?

In most cases, no. To get a loan without a title, you'd need to find a lender who offers secured loans, such as a pawn shop or a private lender. It is also possible to get an unsecured loan from a bank or other financial institution, but these types of loans typically require good credit and a steady income.

How to analyze supernatant for phosphorus in soil?

1. Place a 100 mL sample of soil into a 500 mL beaker and fill with distilled water. 2. Stir the solution for one minute. 3. Use a pipette to collect the supernatant for analysis. 4. Add 10 mL of a phosphate buffer solution and a few drops of ascorbic acid to the supernatant to reduce interference from other ions. 5. Add 30 mL of ascorbic acid-molybdate reagent and mix well. 6. Add 10 mL of ammonium iron (II) sulfate reagent and mix well. 7. Let stand for 10 minutes, then check the color formation in a white dish. 8. Use a spectrophotometer to measure the light absorbance at a wavelength of 880 nm. 9. Compare the absorbance of your sample to the absorbance of a standard phosphate solution to calculate the phosphorus concentration of your sample.

Who is the most famous person in the world?

This is difficult to answer, as fame is subjective and changes over time. Some of the most well-known people in the world today include pop culture celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Hollywood actors such as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, and political figures such as U.S. President Donald Trump.


Can a retracted confession be admissible in court?
Yes, a retracted confession can be admissible in court in certain circumstances. However, the exact circumstances when a retracted confession can be admitted depend on the state’s laws and the particular facts of the case.
What are the customary units of length?
The customary units of length are inches (in), feet (ft), yards (yd), and miles (mi).
What are the types of reliability?
1. Internal reliability: This is the consistency of results obtained by using the same measuring instrument on the same subject. 2. Inter-rater reliability: This is the degree to which different raters produce the same results when measuring the same variables. 3. Test-retest reliability: This is the degree to which the results remain consistent when the same test is administered more than once. 4. Parallel forms reliability: This is the degree to which two different, but equivalent forms of tests measure the same construct with the same results. 5. Inter-method reliability: This is the extent to which two different measurement techniques produce the same results on the same construct.
How does plant diversity promote herbivore suppression?
Plant diversity promotes herbivore suppression by providing a variety of food resources that are difficult for herbivores to obtain. Additionally, because more plants provide a more complex environment, herbivores have more difficulty finding and exploiting their specific hosts. Higher plant diversity can also increase predator abundance, which further inhibits herbivore populations. Finally, as plant diversity increases, so does intraspecific competition, creating a variation in plant morphology and phenology which can limit herbivore access to food and reduce their fitness.
Are floss picks biodegradable?
Most floss picks are made of plastic, which is not biodegradable. However, some companies make biodegradable floss picks, usually made of paper and cornstarch.
Do I need to erase before installing macOS?
No, you do not need to erase your hard drive prior to installing macOS. However, you may want to delete any data or files that you do not want to keep if you are performing a clean install.