How do the strings go on a guitar?

The strings go on a guitar in the following order, from thickest to thinnest: 1. E (6th string) 2. A (5th string) 3. D (4th string) 4. G (3rd string) 5. B (2nd string) 6. E (1st string)
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What part of the brain does source code use?

Source code does not use any part of the brain. Source code is a set of instructions given to a computer that communicates what tasks the computer should perform, so there is no need for it to use any part of the brain.

How long OneDrive for business keeps deleted user data?

Microsoft's OneDrive for Business retains deleted user data for one month.

How do I buy Power BI pro?

You can buy Power BI Pro licenses from the Microsoft online store. Alternatively, you can purchase licenses from your local Microsoft partner. If you’re purchasing multiple licenses, you may be eligible for volume licensing. For more information, please visit the Power BI licensing page.


What is Rosie's disability in There she goes?
Rosie in the show has a rare genetic condition called Edwards Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 18. It is a chromosomal disorder in which a person has three, rather than two, copies of chromosome 18.
when did roman
Roman law was first codified under the rule of Emperor Justinian I in the year 534 AD.
What happens if you don't respond to a request for information?
If you don't respond to a request for information, the person or organization who asked for the information may take further action such as taking legal action or issuing a warning. This could lead to fines, penalties, or other consequences depending on the situation.If you do not respond to a request for admissions, the court may deem the requested admissions to be admitted or correct. This means that the party that issued the request for admissions considers the facts requested to be true. Depending on the circumstances, the court may be willing to grant a short extension to respond to the request; however, if the court does not grant additional time, you will be deemed to have admitted the facts requested.If the plaintiff does not respond to your request, you can move for a default judgment. This means that the court will grant you the relief that you have requested without any further involvement from the plaintiff.If you refuse a request, then the person who requested it will likely be disappointed or frustrated. Depending on the situation, you may be asked to explain why you are refusing the request. It is important to be respectful and courteous when declining any request, regardless of the reason for your refusal.If you do not have the information the requester asked for, it is best to explain why you do not have the information and offer alternative solutions. If the requester is willing to accept a different solution, you should respect that decision and provide the alternative solution.
What are the best features of Google AdWords?
1. Targeting: AdWords’ Targeting functions allow you to select specific audiences you feel are most likely to be interested in your product or service and exclude those that are not currently relevant. 2. Relevance: AdWords allows you to create targeted campaigns and adjust them if needed to ensure your ads are only seen by those likely to be interested. 3. Cost-efficiency: With AdWords, you only pay for the clicks you receive, thus minimizing your risk and getting the most for your money. 4. Measurability: Google AdWords' powerful reporting tools let you measure your campaigns’ performance and optimize them for better results. 5. Versatility: Google AdWords offers several powerful ad formats — from text and image ads to video and rich media ads.
What does the New Mexico capital outlay fund do?
The New Mexico Capital Outlay fund is a fund used by the state of New Mexico that provides grants for capital projects throughout the state. The fund is typically used to finance construction projects at public schools, universities and other public entities, in addition to improvements to public parks, libraries and museums. The fund is supported by both bond funds and revenue from the state's severance tax on mineral extraction.
What are the side effects of citrate?
Common side effects of citrate include diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, headaches, and insomnia. Other rare side effects include liver problems, increased levels of calcium in the blood, and allergic reactions.