Why does a diode lose voltage?

A diode is a semiconductor device that allows current to flow through it in one direction but not the other. Due to its structure, a diode naturally experiences a voltage drop across it. The voltage drop is caused by what’s referred to as the “forward voltage drop”, which occurs when the diode is on. The amount of voltage drop depends on the type and size of the diode that is used.
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Who has custody of Britney Spears' kids?

Britney Spears has shared joint legal and physical custody of her two sons, Sean and Jayden, with her ex-husband, Kevin Federline.

How do I Turn my Xbox on?

To turn on your Xbox you will need to press the Xbox logo button on the front of the console. If your console is off but still plugged in and receiving power, you can also press the Xbox button on your Xbox controller and it will power on the console.

Is a deed of trust considered a contract and if?

Yes, a deed of trust is considered a contract. A deed of trust is an agreement between a borrower and a lender that pledges a certain piece of real property as security for a loan or other agreement.


What are some examples of diacritical marks on letters?
Examples of diacritical marks on letters include: •Á (upper-case A with an acute accent) •É (upper-case E with an acute accent) •Ñ (upper-case N with a tilde) •Ö (upper-case O with an umlaut) •Ü (upper-case U with an umlaut) •Ç (upper-case C with a cedilla) •Ō (upper-case O with a macron) •Ā (upper-case A with a macron) •Ċ (upper-case C with a dot above) •Ů (upper-case U with a circumflex) •Ÿ (upper-case Y with a diaeresis).
Which province has the oldest exit number system?
The oldest exit number system is in Ontario, Canada.
Can you sell copyrights to a company?
Yes, it is possible to sell copyrights to a company, but the individual selling them would need to transfer the copyright from their name to the company's in order to do so. There are certain legal requirements and paperwork which must be completed in order to complete the process.
What is a food Master hose used for?
A food master hose is typically used in commercial kitchens to carry hot or cold water, or to carry condensation away from equipment or dishes. It can also be used in dishwashing stations or for food preparation.
Can FedEx cross border ship prohibited and non-approved restricted items?
No, FedEx does not ship prohibited and non-approved restricted items across borders. Such items include but are not limited to: illegal drugs, firearms, and hazardous materials.
Why do planets orbit in a single plane around the Sun?
The planets orbit the Sun in a single plane due to conservation of angular momentum. When the solar system was forming, particles had to adjust and redistribute their angular momentum in order for the material to coalesce into planets. This process caused all the material to move into a single, flat plane, resulting in the well-known planetary orbits.