What is icontroller and controllerbase class in MVC?

IController is an interface in the ASP.NET MVC framework that is used to determine the controller class on which actions are invoked. ControllerBase is an abstract class that provides the common structure and implementation for the controllers in the ASP.NET MVC framework. It provides helper methods and properties for use by the controllers.
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How many transistors are in the A12 Bionic chip?

The A12 Bionic chip contains approximately 6.9 billion transistors.

how to spy whatsapp messages

It is not possible to spy on someone else's WhatsApp messages. Any services claiming to do this are scams and should not be trusted.

What is the difference between ohmic and non-ohmic devices?

Ohmic devices are those whose current-voltage relationship is linear and proportional, meaning that the current through them is directly proportional to the voltage applied. Examples of ohmic devices include resistors, diodes, and ordinary electrical wires. Non-ohmic devices have a non-linear current-voltage relationship, meaning that the current through them is not directly proportional to the voltage applied. Examples of non-ohmic devices include transistors, vacuum tubes, and thermistors.


Why is the iPhone so unpopular in China?
The iPhone is unpopular in China due to a variety of factors, including its high price compared to other phones, the lack of certain features that Chinese consumers often look for in phones, the dominance of domestic phone brands, and the dominance of Android in the Chinese market. In addition, Apple’s restrictions on developers creating applications with in-app purchases may also hinder its popularity in China. Furthermore, Apple’s marketing strategy has not been adapted to the local Chinese customer, making it difficult to gain market share in the region.
What is the effect of salt stress on plants?
Salt stress affects plants in a variety of ways. High levels of salinity can lead to a decrease in growth, inhibition of photosynthesis, decreased nutrient uptake, damage to membranes, osmotic stress, oxidative stress and more. These effects have been observed in both terrestrial and aquatic plants, and they can lead to reduced yields and death in extreme cases.
How do I use the attributes of a data source?
When creating a dataset from a data source, you can select the attributes you would like to include in your dataset. By including specific attributes, you can customize the data set for your needs. For example, if you have a large spreadsheet containing numerous columns of data, you could filter the data source to include only the attributes that are pertinent to your analysis. This helps reduce the clutter of your dataset, while helping ensure you are only viewing the data that is relevant to your analysis.
Why do horses bite in the pasture?
Horses may bite in the pasture when they are feeling threatened, stressed, or insecure. They may also do so out of boredom or to establish dominance over other horses. Horses may bite if they are seeking attention from their human caretakers, as well. Additionally, horses sometimes bite due to a medical condition such as ulcers, gastric distress, or dental pain.
Why are wounds Like lacerations stitched but gunshot wounds aren't?
Gunshot wounds are usually left open to avoid deep internal damage that could occur during a stitching process, due to the size and severity of the wound. If a the wound is relatively small and shallow, and can be stitched without risk of hitting internal organs, it would be stitched. Additionally, depending on the wound and situation, a dressing or topical ointment may be used instead of stitches.
How do I enable or disable padding for encryption or decryption?
Enabling or disabling padding for encryption or decryption will depend on the type of encryption and decryption algorithm used. Some algorithms may require padding for security, while others do not. The best way to determine this is to consult the documentation for the algorithm used.