What is the most counterfeited item in the world?

According to a report from the International Chamber of Commerce, the most counterfeited item in the world is clothing, footwear, and accessories.
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What is the most expensive car ever built?

The most expensive car ever built is the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita. It was released in 2010 and has a price tag of $4.8 million.

Why does the Informix SELECT statement not include the with clause?

The WITH clause is not supported in the Informix SELECT statement because it is only available in other database systems such as Oracle, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL. Informix does not support the WITH clause in its SQL syntax, as of the current version.

Can I update my jailbroken iPhone?

Yes. You can update your jailbroken iPhone by downloading a custom firmware. Before doing this, though, make sure you back up your data so that it isn’t lost during the update process. Once you have downloaded the custom firmware, use iTunes to restore your device to the new firmware. Once completed, your phone will be updated and still be jailbroken. Be aware that updating a jailbroken device may cause some of the tweaks and apps installed on the device to stop working or not function correctly.


What is the best dinosaur biography?
The best dinosaur biography is 'The Rise and Fall of the Dinosaur: A New History of a Lost World' by Steve Brusatte. This book offers an in-depth look into the story of the dinosaur from their origins to their eventual extinction. It is an engaging and meticulously researched work that covers the latest scientific research and offers insight into the lives of these remarkable creatures.
What output formats does a PDF converter support?
A PDF converter can support a variety of output formats, including the following: Word documents (.docx, .doc), Excel spreadsheets (.xlsx, .xls), PowerPoint presentations (.pptx, .ppt), HTML (.html, .htm), Text files (.txt), RTF documents (.rtf), Image files (.jpg, .png, .tif), and EPUB ebooks (.epub).
What happened to Rishabh Pant?
Rishabh Pant is an Indian cricketer who currently plays for the Delhi Capitals in the Indian Premier League (IPL). On March 15, 2021, Pant suffered a left elbow injury while trying to take a catch during a fielding drill at the pre-match practice session ahead of the Delhi Capitals' match against Sunrisers Hyderabad. He was taken to a nearby hospital and underwent scans that showed no major injury. He was advised to take rest for a few days and was subsequently ruled out of the game.
How to backup and restore files in Windows 7?
Backup 1. Open Start in the lower left corner. 2. Select Control Panel. 3. Click System and Security. 4. Choose Backup and Restore. 5. Click Set Up Backup. 6. Select the location you want to save your backup. 7. Select the files and folders you want to back up. 8. Click Next. 9. Follow the remaining directions on the screen to complete the backup process. Restore 1. Open Start in the lower left corner. 2. Select Control Panel. 3. Click System and Security. 4. Choose Backup and Restore. 5. Click Restore My Files. 6. Select the backup file you want to restore. 7. Follow the remaining directions on the screen to complete the restore process.
How to enable the favorites Bar in edge?
1. Open the Microsoft Edge browser. 2. Click the menu button (three horizontal dots) in the top-right corner and select Settings from the menu. 3. Scroll down and select View advanced settings. 4. Under the Show the favorites bar heading, switch the slider to on. 5. The favorites bar will appear underneath the address bar.
What are the best car travel games?
1. I Spy – Players scan the scenery and take turns guessing objects they spot 2. Animal Alphabet – Players take turns naming animals beginning with each letter of the alphabet 3. License Plate Spotting – Players look for license plates from different states or countries 4. 20 Questions – Players take turns asking questions to guess an object or person 5. Road Trip Bingo – Players mark their bingo cards anytime they spot items listed on the card 6. Name That Tune – Players take turns guessing a song that is playing 7. Hot Potato – Players pass a toy or object to each other and the person holding it when the music stops is “out” 8. Imaginary Road Trip Racing – Drivers compete to reach various destinations first 9. Word Association – Players take turns saying a word and then the next person has to think of a related word 10. Famous Person Look-Alike Contest – Players compete to spot people that look like celebrities