Why is my app still in draft mode?

Your app may still be in draft mode because it hasn't been submitted for review yet. Make sure you have completed all of the necessary steps and read through the App Store Review Guidelines to make sure that your app meets all of the requirements. Additionally, make sure that you have correctly filled out all of the necessary information in the App Store Connect dashboard and provided all of the details required for review.
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What are the principal tissues of vascular plants?

The principal tissues of vascular plants are: xylem, which is responsible for transporting water and minerals up from the roots to the shoots; phloem, which transports carbohydrates and other substances down from the leaves to the roots; sclerenchyma, which provides support to plant cells; and parenchyma, which is involved in both photosynthesis and the storage of nutrients.

Is it time to upgrade to dedicated server hosting?

It depends on the particular needs of your website. If you are currently experiencing heavy traffic on your site and are looking for improved performance, increased security, more bandwidth and storage capacity, or more control over your environment, then a dedicated server may be the right choice for you. However, it is important to weigh the pros and cons before committing to this type of hosting setup.

Is LifeLock included with Norton?

No, LifeLock is not included with Norton.


How do you care for an indoor bamboo plant?
To properly care for an indoor bamboo plant, it is important to provide the plant with plenty of bright indirect sunlight, keep the soil consistently moist, mist the leaves regularly with water, and fertilize the plant once a month with a liquid fertilizer recommended for bamboo plants.
How does Power Apps studio work?
Power Apps studio is an application development platform from Microsoft. It enables users to quickly create business apps that can be used across devices, such as phones, tablets, and PCs. With Power Apps studio, users are provided with a set of templates for quickly designing and building their custom apps and visually designing their user interfaces. On top of this, users have access to a set of connectors that allow apps to integrate with other popular data sources and services, as well as the ability to programmatically control and automate processes in their applications. Power Apps also offers a range of built-in app-building tools, such as data validation and formulas, as well as prebuilt functions that can be used to create sophisticated user interfaces and apps.
Do you need a healthcare systems engineer?
It depends on the type of healthcare organization. If a healthcare organization is looking to design, implement, or maintain a healthcare IT system, then a healthcare systems engineer may be needed.
Do ISFPs get along with istjs?
Yes, ISFPs and ISTJs can get along very well. They have similar approaches to life and have strong values. ISFPs may have a different view on life but they have a strong appreciation for the traditional values and commitments that ISTJs live by, while ISTJs may find the ISFP's inspirational outlook refreshing. Both types are likely to understand each others values and approach the relationship with a high level of respect and understanding.
what is mississippi
Mississippi is a state in the southern United States, bordered by Tennessee, Alabama, the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, and Arkansas. It has a population of about 3 million, making it the 32nd most populous state in the US. Its capital and largest city is Jackson, and its second largest city is Gulfport.
How to use a digital weight scale properly?
1. Turn on the scale. Place it on a level, hard surface to ensure accurate readings. 2. Place the item to be weighed on the scale. If you are weighing a person, make sure the scale is on a non-slip surface to prevent slipping. 3. Note the weight measurement in both kilograms and pounds (if applicable). 4. For more accurate readings, tare the scale by pressing the "Tare" button to reset the scale to zero. 5. Repeat the process for additional items. 6. When you've weighed all of your items, make sure to turn off the scale.