Can digital marketing help your business?

Yes, digital marketing can help your business by allowing you to reach new potential customers, build brand recognition and loyalty, and increase sales. Digital marketing can also help you track and measure your marketing efforts more precisely, enabling you to adjust your strategy as needed to reach your desired results.
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Is it OK to put links in a header?

No, it's not okay to put links in a header. That could lead to confusion and could be interpreted as a banner ad.

Is ambivalence a good sign in a marriage?

No, ambivalence is not a good sign in marriage, as it indicates a lack of commitment and a distance in the relationship. This can lead to issues such as infidelity and divorce. It is important to have a clear and honest discussion about any ambivalence in the relationship and work to resolve any underlying issues.

Will the Rams celebrate a coach getting fired?

No, the Rams would not celebrate a coach getting fired. Firing a coach or any other team staff is not something that any team typically celebrates.


Why can't I start the vault and server service?
It is possible that you do not have sufficient user privileges, or the necessary authentication, to be able to start the vault and server service. You may need to check with your system administrator or consult with the software documentation to learn how to gain the necessary privileges to start the services.
Do you think that politicians should be educated?
Yes, politicians should be educated. It is important for politicians to understand the issues that affect the people they are representing, as well as the topics in current debates. An education ensures that they are well versed in the topics they are discussing and can make well informed decisions.
How to get rid of the search toolbar?
To remove a search toolbar, you can uninstall it manually or use a dedicated removal tool. To uninstall manually, you can use the Add or Remove Programs feature on Windows or the Open/Close Panel feature on Mac. Alternatively, you can download and use a dedicated removal tool to easily uninstall any unwanted search bar from your computer.
Can I use Jira software for more than 35,000 users?
No, Jira Software is currently limited to 10,000 users. If you have more than 10,000 users, you should upgrade to Jira Core, which can handle up to 35,000 users.
What video formats does Instagram support?
Instagram supports .mp4 and .mov video formats, encoded using H.264 video codec, and Baseline, Main, or High profile. The maximum length for videos on Instagram is 60 seconds, and the maximum file size is 4GB.
What information will be shown on my tax return?
Your tax return will show your gross income, deductions and credits, total taxes owed or refund due, and other information. It will also show information about any charitable donations you made, estimated taxes you have paid and other required forms. Additionally, your tax return should indicate the summary figure and type of tax return you filed and the federal filing status you selected.