What is a formal parameter?

A formal parameter is a variable used in a function definition, where the function defines what values it receives from the caller. It's usually denoted in the function definition with a name and a data type for the argument. Formal parameters act as placeholder names, and once the function is called all occurrences of the formal parameters are replaced by the actual arguments.
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Which is the best Java Decompiler?

The best Java Decompiler is JADX. It is a highly popular open source decompiler that produces quality output, efficient and supports various formats, including applets, Android APKs, and Java libraries.

What is the difference between PDFCreator and PDF architect?

PDFCreator is a free open source software to create PDF documents from other formats such as Microsoft Office documents, HTML pages, image files, etc. It offers basic features like merging documents, set PDF security, and save documents in various formats. PDF Architect is a premium all-in-one PDF editor and conversion tool. It offers advanced features including creating and editing PDF documents, converting multiple formats to PDF, extracting text, and protecting PDFs with passwords.

How do I embed a YouTube live stream on my website?

You can embed a YouTube live stream on your website by using an iframe code. Go to your YouTube Live Stream page and click "Share" then click the Embed tab. Copy the HTML code and paste it into your website HTML editor. Make sure that the code contains "https://" and not just "http://".


What units are used to measure air pressure?
Air pressure is typically measured in either pounds per square inch (psi) or millibar (mbar).
What is polar encoding in baseband transmission?
Polar encoding is a type of error-correction coding used in baseband communication systems. It is a technique which encodes a symbol in its absolute value and sign. It is used to improve the performance of a system by reducing redundancy and increasing the coding gain. It is based on the existence of a mathematical relationship between an input and output signal. Polar codes are a different type of code which are in some ways related to Convolutional codes and Turbo codes. They are often considered as an alternative to these more traditional codes.
What does it mean when someone asks if you know programming language?
When someone asks if you know a particular programming language, they are asking if you know how to use it to write code, debug programs, and solve coding-related tasks. Knowing a programming language usually involves understanding the syntax, data types, and logic of the language in order to write code that runs correctly.
What enzyme breaks down a disaccharide into monosaccharides?
The enzyme that breaks down a disaccharide into monosaccharides is called a disaccharidase. Examples of disaccharidase enzymes include maltase, sucrase, and lactase.
Do ball pythons have to eat rats?
No, ball pythons can also eat mice, as well as other small animals such as insects and amphibians. They primarily eat rodents, but they don't have to eat rats if you have other options available.
What is the repository admin console application?
The Repository Admin Console Application is a web-based application used for administering a SCM (Source Control Management) system repository. It provides a centralized interface for managing multiple repositories and users on a single system. The application allows administrators to manage multiple repositories and users, view the current repository status, create backup copies, and control access and permissions. It also provides access to versioning and branching features.