How to create a virtual machine scale set?

1. Sign into the Azure portal. 2. Select "Create a resource" in the left menu, then search for and select "Virtual Machine Scale Set". 3. Name your resource group, choose the location of the resource, and enter the desired number of machines for the scale set. 4. Select the operating system and virtual machine size of your choice. 5. Create or select an existing virtual network and associated subnets. 6. Create or select a storage account to store disk images, and then configure authentication settings. 7. Select the desired availability options such as Availability Zones, Availability Sets, or fault domain count. 8. Configure auto-scaling options including thresholds, operating system patching policies, and distribution policies. 9. Select the desired monitoring and diagnostics settings. 10. Click "Create" to deploy your virtual machine scale set.
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What is input tax credit mechanism?

Input Tax Credit (ITC) is a mechanism under the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that allows taxpayers to offset the input taxes paid by them on the purchase or acquisition of goods or services against the output tax that they are required to pay on the supply of goods or services. ITC helps taxpayers to reduce their overall tax liability and is a key feature of the GST system.

How do you make a hidden door in Minecraft?

1. Get some blocks of your choice to build the door frame. These blocks need to be placed side-by-side and can be anything you like (e.g. cobblestone or wooden planks). 2. Place one block above the row of blocks to make the door frame. This block should be the same as the blocks used to make the frame. 3. Place two blocks on either side of the door frame (above the door frame block). These blocks should be the same type of block as the original frame blocks. 4. Add two more blocks above the side blocks. These blocks should be the same type of block as the original frame blocks and should reach to the same height above the door frame. 5. Select the same type of block used to make the door frame and fill the space between the two side blocks and the two blocks placed above them. This will create a hidden door frame. 6. Select the same type of block used to make the door frame and fill the space behind the door frame. Make sure to leave a space of one block between the door frame and the block(s) used to fill in the gap. This will create the hidden door. 7. Select the block of your choice to fill the space between the door frame and the block(s) used to fill in the gap. This will create a functional door to open/close.

How do you download apps to Apple TV?

You can download apps to your Apple TV using the App Store. To do this, open the App Store from your Apple TV's home screen and search for the app that you would like to download. Then, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the app download and installation.


How many subs did Netflix add in Q4?
Netflix added 8.5 million net new subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2020.
Can I store updates remotely on a WSUS server?
Yes, you can store updates remotely on a WSUS server. It is a Windows server update service that is used for storing, managing, and distributing updates for Windows devices. It can be configured to either download updates from Microsoft Update or download the updates from an internal WSUS server.
How to allow VPN connections through the firewall?
1. Log into your router's interface by typing its IP address in the address bar. 2. Find the firewall settings. Depending on the make and model of your router, this may be within the "Advanced" or "Security" sections. 3. Within the firewall settings, find the option for port forwarding. 4. Set up a port forward for port 1723. This is the port used for most VPN connections. 5. Set the protocol to TCP and make sure it is directed at the IP address of the VPN server. 6. Set your firewall to allow the traffic for port 1723. 7. Click “Apply” or “Save” to apply the changes. 8. Check to make sure the VPN connection is working properly by attempting to connect. If all goes well, you should be connected.
What is a DNS zone contributor role?
A DNS zone contributor role is a type of user role that is responsible for creating and managing DNS records. This role is typically responsible for creating DNS zones, making changes to existing DNS records, and setting up and configuring DNS servers. This role requires an understanding of DNS configurations and server security settings.
What is a device identity?
A device identity is a unique identifier associated with a particular device that is used to identify and authenticate to a network or other service. It can include physical identifiers, such as a serial number, as well as digital identifiers, such as a MAC address or an IP address. It is used to keep track of multiple devices and limit access to online services.
How is technology changing the construction industry?
Technology is changing the construction industry in a variety of ways. These include increased safety, improved collaboration on construction projects, increased access to data, improved project visualization and automation of processes. Companies are using drones and sensors to monitor projects, predictive analytics to reduce waste, and BIM software to simplify complicated design processes. Technology can also be used to better manage the project budget and timeline, as well as increase productivity and efficiency. Additionally, virtual and augmented reality are being utilized to provide better visualization for clients and to improve engagement between project participants. Finally, the Internet of Things (IoT) is being leveraged to monitor conditions on sites in order to ensure projects are completed up to the highest standards.