Who invented the API?

The first widely accepted API written in the programming language C was created by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan in 1972 at Bell Laboratories.
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Can I run Kodi on Amazon Fire tablet?

Yes, you can run Kodi on an Amazon Fire tablet. Kodi can be installed on Fire tablets that are running operating system Fire OS 5.0 or newer. Follow the steps listed here to install Kodi on Fire tablets.

How do I create a YouTube widget for my website?

Creating a YouTube widget is easy using the YouTube Embed Generator tool. Go to https://www.youtube.com/embed_generator, paste the desired YouTube clip URL, and then choose the size, privacy settings, and theme you would like. Once all of these options have been selected, click the “Generate” button to create your embedded code. Copy-and-paste the code into your HTML to add the YouTube video to your website.

How does a satellite TV service work?

A satellite TV service works by sending signals from satellites that are placed in geostationary orbit around the Earth. The signals are then received by a satellite dish on the customer's property that is connected to a receiver. The receiver then translates the signals so they can be viewed on a TV or other device. The signals that are sent from the satellite to the customer are broadcast in a continuous stream, so customers don't need to tune in to their favorite programs. The receiver will store a listing of available channels and will tune in to these when selected by the customer. The customer can then select the programs they want to watch and see them in real-time or begin streaming them. Some satellite services may also require an internet connection.


How to check free disk space in Premiere Elements 13?
1. Open Adobe Premiere Elements 13. 2. Select File > Project Settings. 3. Select the Storage tab. 4. Under Media Cache, click the Clean button. This will delete any unused media from the media cache. 5. To the right of the Storage Locations select the drop-down menu arrow to show the available storage locations. 6. Select each storage location and observe the amount of used and free space.
What conditions should managers and trainers consider using new technology training methods?
1. Budget: New technology training methods can be time-consuming and expensive, so it is important to take into account the budget and any other costs associated with the training before making a decision. 2. Learning Style/Group Dynamics: It’s important to consider the learning style of the group as different types of technology-training methods may not be suitable for everyone. Managers and trainers should be mindful of the strengths and weaknesses of each learner. 3. Technology: It is important to ensure that the system and the software being used is up-to-date, and that it is user-friendly and appropriate for the group being trained. 4. Relevant Skills: Managers and trainers should ensure that the technology-training methods used are relevant to the group. This will ensure that the group is able to apply the newly acquired skills in the workplace effectively. 5. Employee Engagement: Managers and trainers should ensure that employees are engaged and motivated during the training. This will ensure that they are learning and interested in the content.
How do I select a control scheme from an asset?
In order to select a control scheme from an asset, you will first need to open the asset in the Editor. Once the asset is open, you can find the control scheme options under the Inputs Tab. From there, you will be able to select the appropriate control scheme for your project.
Is there a limit to the number of concurrent sessions?
Most systems have limits on the number of concurrent sessions possible. The exact limit varies depending on the system, the type of activity being performed and the resources available.
What are the best mobile forensic tools and software?
1. Oxygen Forensic Detective 2. Cellebrite UFED 3. Belkasoft Evidence Center 4. AccessData Mobile Phone Examiner Plus 5. Magnet AXIOM 6. Logicube Mobile Phone Forensics System 7. MSAB XRY 8. Nuix Mobile 9. Paraben's Device Seizure 10. VMWare Airwatch Investigator.
Should you go to a pharmacy or a doctor's surgery?
This depends on what you need. Generally, a pharmacy is best for routine medications and treatments. If you have specific medical needs then it is best to visit your doctor's surgery.