How to back up the middleware home on the web tier?

1. Stop the Web tier: Navigate to the Middleware Home bin directory and execute the command ./ 2. Backup the Oracle Middleware Home Directory: Navigate to the Middleware Home directory, then copy the entire directory with all of its subdirectories to a secure location. 3. Restart the Web Tier: Navigate to the Middleware Home bin directory and execute the command ./
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What do European regulators look for in big data monopolies?

European regulators look for a variety of things when examining big data monopolies. Specifically, they are looking for companies that are engaging in anti-competitive practices, such as unfairly using their market power to exclude rivals from the same industry. They also look for companies that are using their data to help them gain an unfair advantage over competitors and to develop strategic approaches for stifling market competition or limiting consumer choice. Additionally, regulators are looking for companies that are taking advantage of the lack of transparency that comes with the use of big data and not ensuring sufficient privacy and security protections for the data they control.

How is a deficiency balance calculated on a loan?

A deficiency balance on a loan is calculated by subtracting the total amount due on the loan from the amount recovered through foreclosure or other means when the borrower defaults. The difference between the two amounts is the deficiency balance. For example, if the borrower owes $250,000 on a loan and the lender recovers $200,000 through foreclosure, the deficiency balance is $50,000.

Who is Pritzker Prize 2018 laureate Aishwarya Doshi?

Aishwarya Doshi is an Indian-born architect who was the 2018 laureate for the prestigious Pritzker Prize, the top honor in architecture. She is the only Indian woman to receive the award and the first female Indian architect to do so. In addition to her architectural accomplishments, Doshi has been an advocate for the role of women in architecture, offering mentorship and inspirational talks to young students. The projects that she has designed are said to celebrate the culture and context of their site, bringing nature into the built environment.


How hard is it to get a job with a computer?
Getting a job with a computer depends on the type of job you are looking for and your experience with computers. If you are new to computers and looking for an entry-level job, it is not necessarily difficult to get a position. However, if you are looking for a job that requires a more in-depth knowledge of computer science, then it can be more difficult to obtain a position, as employers are increasingly looking for those with a very high skillset.
How many digital transactions occur in India every year?
According to a report published by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), there were over 1.2 billion digital transactions in India in 2020.
How does saveprechange PeopleCode work?
SavePreChange PeopleCode is an event that fires prior to a field or record being saved. This event can be used to validate or check data prior to a change being saved or to force a value into the field or record. It is a type of application engine event, meaning that it can also be used to trigger a workflow or external process.
How are Arctic Apple events GD743 and GS784 genetically modified?
The Arctic Apple events GD743 and GS784 have been genetically modified to reduce the enzymatic browning in the apples that occurs when subjected to mechanical damage (such as slicing, bruising or bite) and/or exposure to oxygen. To accomplish this, the Arctic Apple was modified to express the gene for polyphenol oxidase (PPO) suppression; this gene was derived from the apple variety Malus brevipes, and was inserted into the apple genome.
What is the efficiency of steam power plant?
The efficiency of a steam power plant is highly dependent on its design and operational parameters, but for a modern steam power plant is typically around 33-46%.
What are the tax benefits of having multiple trusts?
Tax benefits of having multiple trusts can include: 1. Lower tax liability. Depending on how your trusts are structured, you may be able to decrease the tax amount you are required to pay by spreading the income out amongst the various trusts. 2. Ability to target beneficiaries. Multiple trusts can be used to provide resources to particular individuals, or to make specific gifts via a trust structure. 3. Living trusts reduce costs and simplify the transfer of assets after the grantor's death. 4. Asset protection. Multiple trusts can be set up to protect assets from potential creditors and other potential liabilities. 5. Flexibility in administering trust assets. Different trusts can be set up to serve different purposes and meet specific needs. 6. Avoidance of probate costs. Multiple trusts can help families avoid the costs of probate.