How do you remove hard water build up from a plumbing fixture?

1. Try scrubbing the fixture with a soft bristle brush and white vinegar. 2. Turn off water and fill the sink with one part white vinegar and two parts warm water. 3. Leave the mixture in the sink for 30 minutes to help loosen any buildup. 4. Rinse the sink with clear water. 5. Use a non-abrasive cleaner and scrub the fixtures. 6. Rinse once more with clear water. 7. Use a store-bought water softener if the issue is recurring.
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Are girls more at risk for cystic fibrosis?

No, cystic fibrosis has a similar risk for both sexes. However, in some cases, the disease may be more severe in girls due to different variations in the gene.

When is the next raid in Destiny 2?

The next raid in Destiny 2 is Deep Stone Crypt on November 21, 2020.

How to download games in background on Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, the Xbox 360 does not support downloading games in the background. You must stay on the game's Xbox Live Marketplace page in order to download the game as it progresses.


How do I enable live captions in Microsoft Teams?
Live captions can be enabled in the Microsoft Teams app by going to the Settings. From there, click "Accessibility" and select "Live captions." Once enabled, live captions will appear in any video or audio calls you join.
Why is everyone so bad at giving gifts?
It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for someone, and often people find it hard to express their feelings through something tangible. Gift giving is an art, and it takes time and effort to understand the recipient's likes and dislikes. It is also possible that people are trying to save money and buy something inexpensive, without understanding the true value of the gift and how it may be appreciated.
How do you know if a cucumber is safe to eat?
To determine if a cucumber is safe to eat, check for soft spots or discoloration, especially near the ends and around any bruises or blemishes. If the cucumber is still firm, it is safe to eat. Also, smell the cucumber to ensure that it has not gone bad. Finally, a cucumber should be washed and scrubbed under running water before consumption.
How to generate cryptographically safe passwords in Python?
There are two main ways to generate cryptographically safe passwords in Python: 1. Using the Python Secrets module: The Secrets module in Python is designed to generate cryptographically secure passwords. You can generate a password of any length using the `secrets.token_hex(length)` method. This generates a random string of hexadecimal characters, making the password both secure and hard to remember. 2. Using the Python Random module: The Random module in Python can also be used to generate cryptographically secure passwords. You can generate a random string of a given length using the `random.choice(sequence)` method. This will provide a secure and unpredictable password that may be hard to remember.
Who were the students at the Detroit Union School?
The students at the Detroit Union School (also known as the Colored High School) were African American students in Detroit, Michigan. The school was established in 1873 and was the first of its kind in the city. The school provided secondary-level education to its students at a time when educational opportunities for black Americans were limited.
Who is on the Deloitte Global Board?
The Deloitte Global Board comprises the following members: - Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global CEO - Sharon Thorne, Deloitte Global Vice Chair - Punit Renjen, Deloitte Global Chairman - Mark Weinberger, Former Global Chairman and CEO, EY - Tommy Boggs, Global Chairman, AT Kearney - James Gordon, Global COO, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited - Robin Grondorf, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte UK - Vincent Stranger, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte CIS - Debby Abney, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte Americas - William Eggers, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte Public Sector - Patty Miller, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory - Joyce Chang, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte Strategy & Operations - Miriam Gruete, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte Consulting - Petra Schaller, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte Private - Jean Stephens, Global Managing Partner, Deloitte Tax