What is the difference between Azure Machine Learning compute instances and dsvm?

Azure Machine Learning Compute Instances are virtual machine (VM) clusters used to scale out Azure Machine Learning workloads. They offer a range of configurations and can be used to create custom machine learning models. They also support distributed learning, distributed tuning, and distributed inferencing on large datasets. Dsvm stands for Data Science Virtual Machines and is a pre-configured, optimized, and ready-to-use virtual machine with all the necessary tools and libraries required to do advanced analytics and machine learning. A Data Science VM comes with popular data science and deep learning tools such as Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Microsoft R, Spark and more pre-installed.
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Is micron's lpddr5x the world's most advanced DRAM?

No, Micron's LPDDR5X is not the world's most advanced DRAM. Samsung recently released its LPDDR5 DRAM, which is several generations more advanced than Micron's LPDDR5X.

what is rhode island's

The Rhode Island state bird is the Rhode Island Red.

How do you add SoundCloud songs to your Spotify library?

Unfortunately, there is no way to directly add SoundCloud songs to your Spotify library. However, there are a couple of ways you can do this indirectly. You can use a third-party app to transfer the audio file from SoundCloud to your computer and then upload the file onto your Spotify library. Another option is to find the same song on a streaming platform such as iTunes or YouTube Music and add it from there to your Spotify library.


Does VA stop veterans' disability benefits if they are incarcerated?
No, VA does not stop veterans' disability benefits if they're incarcerated. However, they won't receive any payment while they are incarcerated. When they are released, they will be able to resume receiving the benefits.
What is a person (contact) data model?
A person (contact) data model is a structure which stores data and information related to individuals who are contacts of an organization. It usually includes information such as name, address, phone numbers, email and other contact details. The model can also include additional information, such as a contact's title or job, a relationship history and preferences for communication.
Why do horses bite in the pasture?
Horses may bite in the pasture when they are feeling threatened, stressed, or insecure. They may also do so out of boredom or to establish dominance over other horses. Horses may bite if they are seeking attention from their human caretakers, as well. Additionally, horses sometimes bite due to a medical condition such as ulcers, gastric distress, or dental pain.
How do I add a script to a shutdown process?
1. Open Start and type in “Task Scheduler”. Click the Task Scheduler app. 2. When the Task Scheduler launches, click “Create Task” in the right-hand pane. 3. Give the task a name (e.g. "Shutdown Script"). 4. Under the “Security Options” heading, click the “Change User or Group” button. 5. Type in your username, and click “Check Names”. 6. Click “OK” to save the user account. 7. Under the “Actions” heading, click the “New” button. 8. Select “Start a Program” as the action, and click “Browse” to select the script you want to add (e.g. a batch file). 9. Click “OK” to save the action and return to the main Task Scheduler window. 10. Under the “Triggers” heading, click the “New” button. 11. Select “On an Event” as the trigger type, then configure the settings to match the shutdown event (e.g. System/Windows Shut Down). 12. Click “OK” to save the trigger and return to the main Task Scheduler window. 13. Optionally, under the “Settings” heading, click the check box next to “Allow Task to be Run On Demand” if you want to be able to manually trigger the task. 14. Click “OK” to save the task and close the Task Scheduler window.
What is the largest population of lion-tailed macaques in South India?
The largest population of lion-tailed macaques in South India is estimated to be around 2,500 individuals across the Western Ghats from southern Karnataka to Kanyakumari. They are found mainly in the Silent Valley National Park, Kerala and the Anaimalai Hills of Tamil Nadu.
How to disable automatic update of Windows 10?
There are two ways to disable automatic updates in Windows 10. The first way is to use the Settings app: 1. Click the Start button and select “Settings” from the Start menu. 2. Click “Update & Security” in the Settings window. 3. Select the “Windows Update” tab from the left menu. 4. Click “Advanced Options”. 5. Here you can choose between enabling or disabling updates completely and also selecting a particular “Active Hours” time range during which no automatic updates will be installed. The second method is to use the Group Policy Editor. 1. Click the Start button and type “Group Policy” in the search box. 2. Double-click on “Edit Group Policy”. 3. Select “Computer Configuration” then “Administrative Templates” then “Windows Components” and finally “Windows Update”. 4. Double-click on “Configure Automatic Updates” on the right. 5. Select the radio button for “Disabled” and click “OK”.