How to check memory management in SAP and Oracle?

For SAP: 1. Use the ABAP Memory inspector and Memory status report to analyze the memory used by the system. 2. Determine how much free & used memory is available in the application server within the SM02 transaction code. 3. Monitor the memory usage within the SAP Memory Management section of CCMS. For Oracle: 1. Use the AWR report to view memory usage by component. 2. Use the V$SGA_DYNAMIC_COMPONENTS view to review the internal SGA components. 3. Run the SQL Tuning Advisor to tackle memory issues in the shared pool. 4. Monitor the Library Cache Hit Ratio. 5. Check the System Global Area memory utilization with the V$SGA view.
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Why are BJTs not used in integrated circuits?

BJTs (Bipolar Junction Transistors) require more space than other types of transistors, such as MOSFETs (metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors). They also require more power to operate and have a lower switching speed, making them less desirable for use in integrated circuits.

Can I Blow Out my Own sprinkler system?

No, it is recommended that you contact a professional irrigation specialist to perform routine maintenance on your sprinkler system. Attempting to service your own system could result in costly damage and void your system warranty.

Can I use Log4j within a Java EE web application?

Yes, you can use Log4j within a Java EE web application. Log4j is a logging framework that can be used to log messages to log files, database tables, email recipients and much more. It can be integrated with a web application and can be used to log messages related to the application's execution.


What happens if you call outputdebugstring twice in the same thread?
If you call outputdebugstring twice in the same thread, the second call will overwrite the first one as only one debug string can be stored in memory at any given time.
Is Java enough for test automation?
No, Java is not enough for test automation. Although Java can be used for automation tests, it requires other tools and frameworks such as Selenium, TestNG, and Appium to provide a comprehensive solution.
What is the hierarchy of Deloitte?
At Deloitte, the hierarchy is organised as follows: 1. Chairman and CEO 2. Senior Leadership Team 3. Executive Committee 4. Managing Principals 5. Partners/Principals 6. Director/Senior Manager/Team Leader 7. Consultants/Analysts/Advisors 8. Staff
How do parasites get in your body?
Parasites can enter the body through ingestion of contaminated food and water, through skin contact when in contact with contaminated soil or water, through insect or animal bites, or through sexual contact.
How do you install OneDrive?
1. Download the OneDrive app: - For Android: Search for OneDrive in the Google Play store and install the OneDrive app. - For iOS: Search for OneDrive in the App Store and install the OneDrive app. 2. Sign in to the OneDrive app: - Open the OneDrive app and sign in with your Microsoft account, or the account you use for Office. 3. Get started: - To begin using OneDrive, tap the blue Let's go button in the app. - To sync files between your computer and the cloud, download the OneDrive desktop app. After installation, OneDrive will start syncing files automatically. - On the Welcome to OneDrive page, select which folders you want to sync between your computer and OneDrive.
Do I need an appraiser for a court case?
Yes, you may need an appraiser for a court case. The court will typically require a professional appraisal if the value of the items in dispute is significant or if the items have a complicated or unique value. The appraiser should be experienced in estimating the value of the specific items in question.