How much does 4G data cost in Indonesia?

The cost of 4G data in Indonesia varies based on the service provider and data plan. Generally, though, 4G data plans range from about $7 USD for 1GB of data to $18 USD for 8GB of data.
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What should I do if my trust is broken?

1. Talk it out: Clearly outline why you feel like your trust has been broken and start a conversation with the other person to discuss it. 2. Spend some time apart: Take a break from the situation and try to gain some clarity and perspective. 3. Be honest: If you decide to move forward, address the issue openly, honestly and directly. 4. Set boundaries: Make sure to communicate your boundaries and expectations to the other person and make sure they understand that they must be respected. 5. Seek counseling: If needed, consider talking with a professional counselor to help you heal from the trauma.

How much did romance scams cost in 2021?

Romance scams cost people worldwide an estimated $201 million in 2021 according to the Federal Trade Commission.

What happens if your child makes a threat on social media?

If a child makes a threat on social media, it seriously depends on the severity of the threat and the age of the child. Depending on if the threat was illegal or not, the police could become involved, for example if the child threatened to assault or harm another individual. In other cases, if the child is of a young age and the threat contains no explicit content, the parents should be made aware and should discuss it with their child in order to better understand the reasoning behind the post. The parents may also decide to delete the post and monitor their child's online activity more closely.


What are the emerging technologies in diagnostic technology?
1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: AI powers machines to process and analyse data quicker and recognizes patterns more accurately than a human. This helps in providing test results faster and more accurately than humans. 2. Biomarker Detection: Biomarkers are substances produced in the body that can indicate the presence of a disease. Using biomarkers helps provide earlier diagnosis and more accurate results. 3. Point-of-Care Testing: Point-of-care (POC) testing technology allows for quick and easy diagnosis of a wide range of conditions. This helps reduce turnaround times for results, making it easier for healthcare providers to make informed decisions. 4. Robotics: Robots are being developed that can help streamline the laboratory process, from processing specimens to accurately calculating test results. 5. Genomics: By understanding a person’s genetic makeup and family history, healthcare providers can pinpoint diseases more quickly and accurately. This technology has been used to identify diseases such as breast and ovarian cancer. 6. Nanoparticle-based Diagnostics: Nanoparticles are being used in diagnostics to efficiently detect diseases. This helps to provide fast, accurate results at a lower cost.
How long does it take an ostrich to run a marathon?
It would take an ostrich considerably longer than a human to run a marathon. Depending on the terrain and the ostrich's physical shape, it could take approximately 3-4 hours to cover the distance.
What are the disadvantages of audio conference calls?
1. Limited interactions: Audio conference calls lack the visual element of face-to-face communication that allows people to have a more open and personal interaction. 2. Hearing difficulties: On audio calls, it is difficult for participants to hear one another clearly because of audio problems or background noise, leading to misunderstandings or confusion. 3. Fatigue: On audio calls, participants can experience fatigue from the sustained focus required to understand what is being said. 4. Limited collaboration: Due to the absence of collaboration tools on audio conference calls, it may be hard for participants to collaborate and brainstorm ideas together. 5. Technical Issues: Low-quality audio or dropped calls can result in participants being unable to hear one another or interruptions in the conversation which can hurt the flow of the conversation.
How do you get rid of Google Chrome?
1. Uninstall Google Chrome via the Control Panel. 2. Open the Start Menu, type “Add or Remove Programs”, and then press Enter. 3. Scroll down the list until you see Google Chrome, select it, and then click on the “Uninstall” button. 4. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstallation process.
What is cardio HIIT?
Cardio HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a type of workout that alternates between short bursts of intense exercise and periods of rest. It usually involves performing at least three exercises back-to-back for 30 to 60 seconds each at near-maximum effort. The benefits of HIIT include increased cardiovascular performance, improved body composition and fat loss, and improved strength, power, and speed.
What is the best free remote support system for help desk?
TeamViewer is one of the best free remote support systems for help desk. It allows users to take control of customer’s device remotely, chat while connecting and even allows users to transfer files. It is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.