How to use a lambda function as a cron job?

1. Choose an AWS Lambda runtime for your function. You can use an official runtime provided by AWS, such as Node.js, Python, Java, or .NET Core, or you can bring your own runtime if it is available on Amazon Linux 2. 2. Create an IAM role with the necessary permissions to invoke your Lambda function. Make sure the role has access to Amazon CloudWatch Events and the Lambda service 3. Add the CloudWatch Event rule to invoke your Lambda function. Set the rule to run at the frequency you choose 4. Attach the IAM role to the Lambda function 5. Test if the Lambda function runs as expected 6. You can monitor the execution of your Lambda function in Cloudwatch Logs and troubleshoot any errors that occur.
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What is Serpstat?

Serpstat is a cloud-based competitive intelligence platform that helps online businesses to drive their marketing campaigns. It provides competitive analysis tools and statistical insights to help businesses understand their audiences and optimize their performance in search engine results pages (SERPs). It offers data-driven search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) and content marketing services to help businesses reach their goals.

How to make a slideshow on TikTok?

1. Open the TikTok app on your device. 2. Select the "+" icon near the bottom of the page to begin creating a new post. 3. On the record screen, select the Camera Roll icon near the top-right corner of the page. 4. Locate the photos you would like to use for your slideshow and tap each one to select it. 5. Once you’ve selected all of your photos, tap the "Next" button on the top-right corner of the page. 6. On the editing screen, tap on the “Slideshow” icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. 7. You will then see a preview of the slideshow. Tap the "Edit" button to customize the duration of the slides. 8. Select the “Music” icon to add background music to the slideshow. You can choose from the TikTok music library or upload a song from your device. 9. Once you’re happy with your slideshow creation, tap the "Done" button. 10. Tap “Share” to post the slideshow to your TikTok page.

How to use GCC on Windows?

1. Download and install the MinGW port of GCC from 2. Once installed, open the MinGW Installation Manager. You can find it by searching “MinGW Installation Manager” in Windows. 3. Click on the “Installation” tab at the top, then check “mingw-developer-toolkit” and “mingw32-gcc-g++” in the menu on the left hand side. 4. Select “Installation” and then click “Apply Changes”. This will install GCC and G++ compilers into the C:\MinGW\bin folder. 5. Now you can compile a program with the GCC program by typing the following command at the Command Prompt window: gcc programname.c -o programname.exe This will generate the executable file for the program.


Do state courts abide by the Federal Arbitration Act?
Yes, state courts must abide by the Federal Arbitration Act. The Federal Arbitration Act is a federal law that governs the enforcement of arbitration agreements in all states, even when state law would prohibit arbitration or give different rules. State courts cannot overrule the Federal Arbitration Act and must instead follow the specific rules and procedures outlined in the law.
What are the drawing standards for mechanical engineering?
Drawing standards in mechanical engineering vary depending on the country and specific industry that the engineering is being applied to. Generally, mechanical engineering drawings will involve the use of descriptive geometry, dimensioning, tolerancing, and annotations. Symbols, acronyms, and abbreviations are used to convey the desired information. The most well-known drawing standards for mechanical engineering in the United States are the ANSI Y14.5 standard and the ASME Y14.24 standard.
Can you measure blood pressure with an app?
Yes, some apps feature a blood pressure monitor that can measure blood pressure. Some apps even feature a blood pressure tracker or diary to monitor changes over time.
What is the best horror font for business cards?
The best horror font for business cards is probably a clean and professional font like Garamond or Helvetica. These fonts can still give a slightly spooky vibe when used at the right size or with some creative spacing. Avoid nightmare-inducing fonts like Impact or Abril Fatface, as they can be too frightening for business cards.
What is better fullscreen or borderless window?
Fullscreen mode is generally better for gaming because the game will take up the entire monitor and make use of the entirety of the display. Borderless window mode is better for multitasking, as it allows the user to switch between multiple windows without having to manually resize and move each window.
Do I need to disclose my child's medical records?
No, you do not need to disclose your child's medical records to anyone unless your child is being seen for treatment by a health care provider. All medical information should remain confidential unless your child is receiving care from a health care provider. If this is the case, then you may need to provide certain medical records or documents to the provider.