How do I see only the people I follow on Instagram?

You can view your followers’ posts, stories, and profile info by tapping the Following tab at the bottom of the Instagram home screen. This will display the posts and stories of all the people you follow.
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Is there a way to disable dithering without color profile?

Yes, there is a way to disable dithering without a color profile. One approach is to use your display's color settings to adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation to optimal levels. This will reduce the effects of dithering - or eliminate it entirely - and help ensure colors appear as accurately as possible. Additionally, some graphics software can be configured to explicitly disable dithering, depending on what type of output is desired.

How do you shorten window shades?

Window shades can be shortened by either reducing the width of the roller shades, or by trimming the fabric of the shades. Reducing the width of the roller shades involves using a hacksaw to cut the dowel rod that the shades are on. Trimming the fabric of the shades involves simply cutting the fabric with scissors to the desired length.

What is malware and how does it work?

Malware is a term for malicious software such as viruses, worms, Trojans, ransomware, and spyware. Malware is usually spread through malicious links, downloads, or malicious websites. Once a computer is infected with malware, the malware can take control of the system and potentially damage it or steal information. Malware can also be used to perform malicious activities like spying or fraud. Typically, malware attempts to exploit system vulnerabilities and will download other malicious files onto the affected system. Some malware can even use the affected computer to create a botnet, which can be used to launch coordinated attacks on other systems.


What is the Web3 course?
The Web3 course is an online course offered by the Web Technology Institute that provides students with a comprehensive introduction to web development. It covers topics such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Responsive Web Design, SEO, hosting/deployment, debugging, and more. It is designed to give students hands-on experience in web development so that they can create dynamic and interactive websites.
Can you build a windmill?
Yes, it is possible to build a windmill. The most common type of windmill is a horizontal-axis wind turbine, which consists of an upwind rotor connected to a downwind nacelle. The upwind rotor collects wind energy, while the downwind nacelle houses a generator or other energy-producing machinery that converts the wind’s energy into useful energy forms. Building a windmill typically involves constructing a tower to support the wind turbine, installing the wind turbine atop the tower, connecting the turbine to the generator, and connecting the generator to the power grid.
How to add a shared parameter to a model?
1. Open the Revit project and select the Manage tab. 2. Select the shared parameters button. 3. In the Shared Parameters window, select the Create button. 4. In the Create Shared Parameters dialog, select the Model button under parameter type. 5. Create a new group for the Parameters, or select an existing parameter group. 6. Add a new parameter name and select the desired parameter type. 7. Select the OK button to save the parameter. 8. Navigate to the Family Types dialog and select a Family Type. 9. Select the Edit button for the parameter to set the desired value. 10. Select the OK button to save. 11. Repeat the steps for each Family Type that needs the parameter.
Where can I find the perfect screen protector?
The best place to find the perfect screen protector will depend on what you're looking for specifically. Online retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, and eBay usually have a wide selection of screen protectors to choose from. Many cell phone stores also carry a variety of screen protector options. Additionally, Apple Stores often have a good selection of official Apple-branded products, including screen protectors.
How to add a new keyboard layout in Windows 10?
1. Open Settings. 2. Click on Time & Language. 3. Select Region & language. 4. Under Languages select the language you wish to add an additional keyboard layout for. 5. Scroll down the list and click on Options. 6. Under Keyboards select Add a keyboard. 7. Select the type of layout you wish to add. 8. Click on Add. 9. The new keyboard layout should appear as an option in your language settings.
Which country has the largest banking system in the world?
The United States has the largest banking system in the world.