What is the Digital India program?

Digital India is an initiative by the Indian government to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy. The goal is to ensure that government services are made available to citizens electronically by improving online infrastructure and by increasing Internet connectivity or by making the country digitally empowered in terms of technology. The initiatives under Digital India program include actions to enhance online infrastructure, digitally empower citizens and spur innovations. These initiatives include creation of a national Optic Fiber Network to improve online infrastructure, create a digital infrastructure to link every Indian citizen digitally, and create a secure platform for all digital transactions for citizens. Digital India program is intended to ensure that Government services are made available to citizens electronically, enhancing citizen participation and transforming life through digital literacy. Digital India initiative also includes creating national digital infrastructure, strengthening the capacity of national information infrastructure, and providing digital exclusion to those who lack access to digital infrastructure.
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Why is job security important?

Job security is important because it provides financial security to individuals and their families. Job security allows individuals to develop in their roles and to plan for their future, as they know they can rely on the security of their job. It also helps to reduce stress levels and promotes long-term planning. Job security also ensures that employees have the opportunity to receive a fair and equitable remuneration package based on the value of the work they are doing. In addition, it helps to maintain a high level of motivation amongst the workforce, enabling them to work to their highest potential.

How long does CloudFront take to respond to origin?

The time it takes for CloudFront to respond to origin can vary depending on the type of request, the size of the requested content and other factors. Generally, CloudFront responds to origin requests in about 1-2 seconds.

Do all Java objects need to be persisted?

No, not all Java objects need to be persisted. Only objects that have to be stored in a persistent storage system (like a database) need to be persisted. However, most Java objects can and should be stored in an effective data structure that is suitable for their purpose.


What happens if the original buyer doesn't complete the contract?
If the original buyer does not complete the contract, then the seller may retain the buyer's earnest money deposit, file a lawsuit to enforce the sale, or terminate the contract and resell the property.
what is banner
Banner ads are a type of online ADA (Advertisement Display Advertisement) that appear at the top of websites. These ads, typically in the form of images, are used to promote a product or service and drive potential customers to the advertiser's site. Banner ads are typically placed on high-trafffic websites.
Who are Apple’s biggest competitors?
Apple's biggest competitors are Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Huawei.
What is tolerance and how does it affect your health?
Tolerance is the capacity of an organism to tolerate a substance or activity that it finds potentially harmful. This can come in the form of physical, mental, and emotional tolerance. In terms of physical health, tolerance allows the body to adjust to mild or moderate amounts of a substance, such as alcohol. If taken in excess, however, this tolerance can lead to physical and psychological dependence. Such long-term, unhealthy physical habits can lead to serious health consequences such as addiction, liver damage, and death. In terms of mental health, tolerance allows people to moderate or balance their emotional responses, allowing them to handle difficult emotions or situations in a healthier way. This helps protect people from unnecessary mental distress and may help them to maintain better overall emotional health.
What is the highest interest savings account?
The highest interest savings account typically varies from bank to bank. Generally, online banks offer the highest savings account interest rates, which can be as high as 2.15%.
Can game show formats be protected by copyright?
Yes, the format of a game show can be protected under copyright law. Generally, this type of intellectual property protection covers the written scripts, dialogue, storyline, settings, music, and characters created for the show. If a show is similar enough to an existing format, its creators risk being accused of copyright infringement.