How are hippopotami influencing the river?

Hippopotami have a large influence on rivers they live in, as they are a large and important part of the ecosystem. Hippos are considered ecosystem engineers, meaning that they shape and affect their local environment and the rivers they live in. They can modify riverine and riparian habitats through their presence and activity. They can help create and maintain large pools of deep and quiet water, which can be utilized by other species, such as fish, crocodiles and ducks. Hippos also move sediments and alter water flow, providing a shelter and refuge, essential when flooding occurs. In addition, hippos graze on plants along the shoreline and thus help shape banks and keep vegetation in check.
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Why big data implementation is important for your business?

Big data implementation is important for your business because it can provide valuable information that can help inform decisions. Big data can help businesses identify patterns, trends and correlations in large volumes of data in order to gain insights and make better decisions. It can provide insights into customer behavior patterns, identify new revenue opportunities, optimize costs and find new ways to increase efficiency. Implementing big data can also provide a competitive advantage, since it allows businesses to move faster than their competitors in responding to changes in the market. Finally, it can help you to better understand the needs of your customers and focus on more relevant products and services for them.

What is the main pigment responsible for photosyntesis?

The main pigment responsible for photosynthesis is chlorophyll.

What is a disclosure on a tax return?

A disclosure on a tax return is a statement that a taxpayer is required to make to provide additional information about their financial disclosure or explain certain items reported on the return. This may include information on transactions that have been sheltered from taxation, foreign accounts, and non-residential real estate holdings.


What is the IPC standard for PCB?
The International Printed Circuit Board (IPC) standard is a series of industry-accepted standards that are used to evaluate the quality of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and other related electronic components. It covers all aspects of PCB production, from design, materials, manufacturing processes, testing, packaging and delivery. It also provides guidelines for manufacturers on how to minimize the chance of defects in the PCBs they produce.
What is Arizona's ballot initiative?
In Arizona, the ballot initiative for the 2020 General Election consists of 11 propositions. They include measures related to renewable energy, taxes, the minimum wage, recreational marijuana, the criminal justice system, and more. Also included are two ballot measures on the state budget: Proposition 208, which seeks to increase taxes on higher-income individuals to fund education, and Proposition 441, which seeks to create a new fund to help towns and cities cover the costs of providing services. In addition, several measures are intended to alter the Arizona Constitution, including an initiative amending campaign finance laws and another prohibiting the Arizona state legislature from automatically increasing taxes if a tax credit expires.
how do employers monitor employees
Employers may monitor employees in a variety of ways, depending on the size of their business and available technology. Some methods include using employee surveillance, tracking software, company phone logging, recording internet and email usage, and conducting random security checks.
How to rate a photo in Lightroom?
1. Select the desired photo in the Library module. 2. Click the Explorer icon on the toolbar, located on the top left corner of the screen. 3. Select the Photo Info icon on the left navigation pane. 4. In the window that appears, you'll find the "Rating" field. 5. Click on the desired numerical rating (from one star to five stars) in order to rate the photo. 6. When you're finished, click the Done button.
Why has my Windows Insider program content settings been reverted?
Your Windows Insider program content settings might have been reverted to their default settings because of a feature or bug fix in the latest version of Windows, or because you have updated to a new version of Windows. It's also possible that the settings have been changed manually by an administrator or by the Windows Insiders team.
What banks are in Zimbabwe?
The following banks are operating in Zimbabwe: 1. EcoBank 2. CABS 3. FBC Bank 4. NMB Bank 5. ZB Bank 6. Stanbic Bank 7. CBZ Bank 8. Barclays Bank 9. AgriBank 10. Steward Bank