Why does Oracle return an error when I change a parameter?

Oracle returns an error when the parameter is changed because the query may no longer be valid in its new form; the syntax may not be correct, or the parameter may not exist or be configured properly. Additionally, changing a parameter may cause other parts of the system to break due to incompatible settings or data types.
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How do I know how much storage I have on my Mac?

You can view the available storage on your Mac by clicking the Apple icon in the top-left corner of the screen, selecting About This Mac, and then clicking the Storage tab. Here, you can see the total storage capacity of your Mac and the amount of used storage.

What is the difference between direct direct indirect and competitive ELISA?

Direct ELISA involves attaching the antigen to a solid surface, allowing it to be incubated with a primary antibody that is specific to that antigen. The primary antibody is then followed by a secondary antibody conjugated with an enzyme. A substrate is added that binds to the enzyme, allowing the reaction to be detected, usually by increasing absorbance of a particular wavelength. Indirect ELISA is essentially the same as a direct ELISA; however, a secondary antibody is used that recognizes both the antigen and the primary antibody. This allows greater sensitivity, as the strength of the reaction is dependent on the binding of two antibodies rather than just one in the direct ELISA. Competitive ELISA is similar to both direct and indirect ELISAs, but with a major difference being that the antigen and its antibody compete for the same binding sites on the solid surface. The level of bound antigen will be inversely proportional to the amount of antibody present, allowing for precise quantification of the antigen present.

Can you re-solder wires on the circuit board?

Yes, you can re-solder wires on a circuit board. It is a common practice for DIY electronics projects, or for repairing the circuit board after it has been damaged.


What is the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision standard number 239?
Basel Committee on Banking Supervision standard number 239 (BCBS 239) is a globally accepted set of principles which promotes the effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting for banks. The standard was introduced in 2013 and applies to all banks with significant trading and/or banking books. BCBS 239 has become an international benchmark for effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting, as it sets out requirements for Principles for Effective Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting.
How much can I send with Remitly?
The maximum amount that you can send with Remitly depends on factors such as the amount of money you have in your account, your country, and the country that you're sending money to. To learn more about the limits for sending with Remitly, please contact the customer service team.
How do I view LastPass passwords?
The only way to view your LastPass passwords is to log in to the LastPass Vault. To do this, you must have access to the LastPass Master Password. Once logged in, find the entry you are trying to access, click on the entry to access the entry’s detailed view, and then click the “eye” icon to reveal the password.
How long after an injury do you need a compression wrap?
A compression wrap should usually be applied as soon as possible after an injury. For more serious injuries, it's important to seek medical attention and follow your healthcare provider's instructions.
Can I have a QR code always on my screen?
Yes, there are apps that can show a QR code always on your screen. The most popular one is "Always On Display" for Android.
Where are audit logs stored?
Audit logs are usually stored in the system or application's own database, and they may also be found in the system's log files, and depending on security regulations or company policies, they may also be stored in a centralized log application or log repository.