What is the difference between string getbytes and length?

String getBytes() is a method used to decode a String into a byte array. The length of a String is the number of characters it contains. In other words, getBytes() is used to convert a String into bytes, while length is used to get the number of characters a String contains.
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how to detach keyboard surface

1. Turn off your Surface Pro. 2. Lift the kickstand to the open position. 3. On each side of the keyboard, located near the top, there are two release latches. Push each of these latches away from the keyboard with your finger. 4. You should now be able to remove the keyboard from the tablet. Simply hold the tablet in one hand and the keyboard in the other, and gently pull them apart. 5. You can now use your Surface Pro tablet without the keyboard attached.

How to make money as a freelance journalist?

1.Develop a strong source network: Developing sources is essential to finding great stories and to keeping you informed about the news in your industry. 2.Diversify your income: Diversifying your income is important for staying afloat as a freelance journalist. Try taking on different types of writing work such as website content, online articles, or advertising copy. 3. Sell your work: Consider selling your work directly to publications and websites. This allows you to keep a larger percentage of your income. 4. Build your presence: Establish a presence in the industry by attending events, networking with other journalists, and regularly promoting your work on social media. 5. Leverage news aggregators: Use sites such as Quibb and Medium to distribute your content to a wider audience. 6. Pitch freelance stories: Develop a compelling pitch and then look for publications that may be interested in running your story. You can also use social media to post pitches and target specific publications. 7. Find freelance journalism jobs: You can find freelance jobs by browsing job boards or by reaching out to editors directly. 8. Offer services: Consider offering services such as editing, fact-checking, or copy editing to supplement your writing income.

Does sprint cover lost phones?

Yes, Sprint does offer coverage for lost phones, but only if the customer has purchased the Total Equipment Protection (TEP) service for their device. TEP provides insurance for loss, theft, accidental damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions.


What are the traditions of Ramadan?
1. Fasting: One of the primary practices during Ramadan, fasting is observed daily during the daylight hours throughout the month. 2. Tarawih Prayer: Tarawih is an extra prayer that is performed after Isha. Muslims usually pray in a congregation in their local mosque during Ramadan. 3. Recitation of the Quran: Muslims believe that the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad during Ramadan and many strive to read the entire book within the 30 days of this month. 4. Charity: Giving to charity, known as Zakat, is another important practice during Ramadan. Muslims believe that in order to receive the blessings of this holy month, charity and generosity is necessary. 5. Breaking Fast: At the end of each day, Muslims break their fast at Iftar with family and friends. Traditionally, dates and water are served to break the fast. 6. Suhoor: As the month comes to an end with Eid al-Fitr, Muslims eat a meal called suhoor just before sunrise to prepare for a day of fasting.
Who is eligible to vote through postal ballot?
Generally, individuals who are unable to appear in person at the polling station due to reasons such as age, illness, and physical disability are eligible to vote via postal ballot. Other eligible individuals may include members of the armed forces serving during an election, individuals who are stationed outside the constituency, or those with professional or vacation commitments.
Can you wear mustard pants with flannels?
Yes, mustard pants can be a great option to wear with a flannel shirt for a casual, on-trend look.
Is Bluehost web hosting reliable and secured?
Yes, Bluehost is considered to be a reliable and secure web hosting provider. Bluehost offers comprehensive hosting services including shared hosting, VPS, dediacted hosting, and more. They use advanced security measures and have an industry-leading uptime of 99.99%. They are also PCI and DSS compliant and are part of the noted Endurance International Group.
How can I monitor all processes on the current system?
You can use the command line utility ‘ps’ to monitor all processes on the current system. It ‘prints information about a selection of the active processes.’ To get a list of all processes, you can use the command ‘ps -ax’. You can then use various filters to customize the list of processes according to your needs.
Can semantic information be used to help scripting languages?
Yes, semantic information can be used to help scripting languages. For example, information about the syntax, the structure of the language, the types of data and the applicable operations can be applied to improve the code readability and optimize performance. With semantic information, developers can better identify if their code is correctly structured, use the right data types, and avoid costly and unnecessary operations. Additionally, this information can be leveraged to automate code refactoring and improve code quality.