How do I enable AppLocker without turning it off?

AppLocker can be enabled in a number of ways. 1. Through Group Policy. If your organization uses Group Policy, you can enable AppLocker using the Group Policy Editor. This can be done through the Local Group Policy Editor or from the active directory. 2. Through the Local Security Policy. You can enable AppLocker through the Local Security Policy Editor. This involves setting the appropriate policy to enabled. 3. Using the Windows Security Center. You can also enable AppLocker through the Windows Security Center. Select the “Allow AppLocker” option and click “ Apply ”. 4. Using PowerShell. You can also use PowerShell to enable AppLocker. To do so, run the following command and enter the appropriate policies. Enable-AppLockerPolicy -PolicyPath <PolicyFilePath> Finally, you can also enable AppLocker through Windows Defender Security Center. Select the “AppLocker” tab and enable the policy.
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Can I volunteer and still receive disability benefits?

Yes, you can still receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits even if you volunteer. The Social Security Administration (SSA) will look at what type of work you are doing and, if your volunteer work does not reach the capacity to be considered "substantial gainful activity," then your SSD benefits will not be affected. However, it is important that you let the SSA know if you do volunteer because even small amounts of income can reduce your benefits.

How many connections can a server have?

The maximum number of connections a server can have depends on the type of server and the capacity of its hardware. Generally, the number can range from a few hundred to several million.

Is the 2018 MacBook Air Intel or Apple Silicon?

The 2018 MacBook Air is powered by an Intel processor.


What is thermal conductivity?
Thermal conductivity is the measure of a material's ability to conduct heat energy. It is the property of a material that determines the rate at which thermal energy is transferred through it. The higher the thermal conductivity of a material, the faster energy will transfer through it.
Does sprint cover lost phones?
Yes, Sprint does offer coverage for lost phones, but only if the customer has purchased the Total Equipment Protection (TEP) service for their device. TEP provides insurance for loss, theft, accidental damage, and out-of-warranty malfunctions.
Can I retrieve old text messages from my iPhone?
Yes, you can retrieve old text messages from your iPhone. To do so, you can use an app like dr.fone-Recover(iOS), which can recover data from an iCloud backup or directly from an iOS device.
what is email alias
An email alias is an alternate email address that sends and receives messages to the same email account. It is often used by people who want to create a different address to protect their primary address from spam and other unwanted emails. It can also be used to make it easier to remember which address to use.
How to connect Epson projector to TV?
1. Connect the HDMI output port of the Epson projector to the HDMI input port of the TV using an HDMI cable. 2. Ensure that both the TV and the Epson projector are powered on. 3. From the remote control of the Epson projector, select the HDMI input source that corresponds to the HDMI cable you connected. 4. On the remote control of the TV, select the HDMI input that the Epson projector is connected to. 5. The connection is complete and you should now have the image from the Epson projector shown on the TV.
How do I resynchronize my internet time server?
1. In your Windows Control Panel, open Date and Time. 2. On the Internet Time tab, press the 'Change Settings' button. 3. Now Arrow down the drop-down menu and select the time server you would like to sync from, usually the '' option. 4. Press the 'Update Now' button. 5. Restart your computer, and your time and date should now be correct.