What is the maximum amount of security deposit a landlord can charge?

The maximum amount of security deposit a landlord can charge depends on the state or municipality. Generally, the maximum amount is equal to two or three times the amount of rent due each month.
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What caused Amazon to lose money?

Amazon lost money in 2020 due to several factors, including increased spending on one-day shipping, higher shipping costs and discounts, increased spending on digital content, investments in AWS and other new initiatives, increased costs due to COVID-19 mitigation efforts, and lower rates on Amazon Prime and other membership programs.

Is microeconomics easier than macroeconomics?

The difficulty of microeconomics and macroeconomics depends on each individual person. Some may find microeconomics easier than macroeconomics while others may find macroeconomics easier than microeconomics. It all depends on the person and their understanding of the topics.

How to save photos to Google Drive on Chromebook?

1. Open the Google Drive app on your Chromebook. 2. Select the "New" button at the top of the app. 3. Click "File Upload" to upload photos from your computer. 4. Choose the photos you want to upload from your computer. 5. Select "Open" to begin the upload. 6. Once the upload has completed, you will be able to view the photos in the Google Drive app.


Should you make negative statements about overnight visitation?
No, it is not wise to make negative statements about overnight visitation. It is important to remain neutral, professional and supportive of the decisions being made between the two parties in the case. It is best if any discussions of legal matters are handled in a professional manner between both parties and the court.
What properties does a great REST API have?
1. Consistent, resource-oriented URLs and utilizes logical HTTP methods 2. Accessible and discoverable via hypermedia links and self-descriptive messages 3. Leverages authentication, authorization, and encryption to secure data 4. Accommodates file transfers and batch requests 5. Accommodates various formats of request and response bodies 6. Enables versioning and supports MIME types 7. Client and server exchange cacheable key-value pairs 8. Provides error responses to inform the consumer of the appropriate action 9. Supports pagination of the large data set 10. Has comprehensive documentation with examples and tools for testing the API
How do apps benefit from dynamic cloud supply?
Dynamic cloud supply allows apps to quickly expand their capacity on-demand, allowing them to keep up with increased user demand and usage. This can provide cost-savings, as apps don't have to invest in additional resources upfront. Additionally, dynamic cloud supply initiatives can offer resilience and scalability, ensuring that the apps remain available and reliable during peak usage times. Finally, cloud supply provides improved flexibility, allowing apps to rapidly adjust to market changes, new techniques, and user preferences.
How do you know if a number is divisible by 8?
To determine if a number is divisible by 8, divide it by 8 and check if there is no remainder. If there is no remainder, then the number is divisible by 8.
How to create a progress Gantt chart in Excel?
1. Open a new spreadsheet in Excel 2. Create a table which includes the Start Date, End Date, Duration, and Progress % for each stage of your project 3. Select all columns and change the column type to Date, if necessary 4. Select the Duration column and click ‘Conditional Formatting’ 5. In the ‘Data Bars’ dropdown, select ‘Blue Data Bar’ and click OK 6. Select the entire table again, and click ‘Insert’ from the ribbon and select ‘Bar’ and choose the ‘Gantt’ option 7. In the ‘Edit Series’ window, select the Start Date, End Date and Progress % columns, then click OK 8. Format the chart by adjusting the labels, axis and style 9. To add milestone markers, right-click on the Gantt chart, select ‘Add Data’ and enter the Start Date and Duration of your milestone 10. Finally, customize the style and color of the newly added milestone marker by selecting it and clicking ‘Format Data Point’ on the ribbon.
How do you use monochrome in a sentence?
I took a photograph of a black and white cat, which has a dramatic effect in monochrome.