What data is in the passive traces dataset?

The Passive Traces dataset contains traces of users' activity collected from a single consumer-level home Wi-Fi router showing 300 days of user activity broken down by device type, service type (HTTP versus FTP, for example), application type and other time-based information. It includes data such as the total traffic and duration of a session by service type, IP address and geographical location, the protocol used and the amount of data sent. Additionally, the dataset contains device names, device types, and MAC addresses.
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What internet speed do I need to play games on PS4?

You need an internet connection with a minimum download speed of 3Mbps and an upload speed of at least 1Mbps to play games on PS4.

How did the Internet change the music industry?

The Internet has drastically changed the music industry, allowing for unprecedented levels of convenience and access to music. Consumers now have the ability to purchase music online and download it instantly. Music streaming services have also become popular, allowing people to access millions of songs with a single click. Additionally, artists have new opportunities to promote their music online and reach fans around the world. Social media platforms have also enabled connections between consumers, artists, and record labels.

What is the most common route of medication administration?

The most common route of medication administration is oral, which involves taking medication by mouth.


How to make an impressive writing portfolio?
1. Start by Creating an Online Writing Portfolio: If you want to stand out in the writing and publishing world, having an online portfolio is essential. Consider creating a site using WordPress or Wix so that you can showcase your work. 2. Choose a Unique and Catchy Design: Once you have a platform for your portfolio, choose an interesting and unique design. Try to make your portfolio page as aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching as possible. 3. Showcase Your Best Writing: Include only your best writing in your portfolio. Think of the pieces that will really grab a reader's attention and demonstrate your outstanding talent and skill. 4. Check Your Grammar and Spelling: Before publishing anything to your portfolio, double-check it for errors. Making sure your writing has clarified and correct grammar and spelling is essential to making a good impression on prospective clients. 5. Share Your Contact Information: Make sure that you include your contact information on your portfolio page so that readers can easily reach out to you. Also, consider linking to any social media sites you belong to, such as Twitter or LinkedIn. 6. Create a Statement of Purpose: Any impressive writing portfolio should have a short statement of purpose that discusses your goals and objectives as a writer. This will help you stand out from the competition and give clients and publishers an idea of what to expect from you. 7. Promote Your Portfolio: The last step is to promote your portfolio. Share it with your friends and family, provide links to it on social media and let colleagues in the writing world know about it. The better promotion you do, the more attention it’ll get.
Does haloperidol or olanzapine treat agitation in the emergency department?
Haloperidol and olanzapine are both FDA-approved to treat agitation in the emergency department. However, studies have shown that olanzapine is more efficacious than haloperidol in treating agitated patients in the emergency department.
What are the disadvantages of GPS?
1. Reliability - GPS signals can be disturbed by interference from the atmosphere, other satellites, and other signals sent at the same frequency. 2. Cost - GPS technology is expensive to purchase and maintain. 3. Privacy - GPS tracking technology can be used to invade peoples' privacy, as it can be used to track a person's movements. 4. Accuracy - Due to the amount of time it takes for signal receptions, the accuracy of GPS location readings is not always precise and can have errors of up to several meters. 5. Limitations - GPS technology can be restricted in certain areas or locations, such as inside buildings or in tunnels.
How do I Stop my air compressor from overheating?
1. Make sure the air intake filter is clean. Dirty filters can cause an air compressor to overheat. 2. Ensure that the air compressor is receiving proper ventilation and is not operating in a space that is too small or too hot. 3. Check for any possible blockages in the compressor itself such as debris in the piston or a blocked drain valve. 4. Check that the cooling fins on the compressor are clear and are not blocked by dirt or debris. 5. Make sure that the air compressor oil is at the proper level and not too high or too low. 6. Check the compressor pressure switch if your compressor is equipped with one, to make sure it is working correctly. 7. Make sure your compressor is not running too long, take frequent breaks and allow it to cool down.
How to solder wires correctly?
1. Gather Tools: Soldering iron, a solder with a rosin core, electrical flux, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, and a soldering board (or a fire-resistant surface). 2. Cut the Wires: Use wire cutters or a utility knife to cut off around 5 centimetres or three inches of insulation from each wire you want to join or solder together. 3. Strip the Wires: Use needle-nose pliers to gently strip the insulation from the cut end of each wire, leaving two exposed metal parts. 4. Tin the Wire Ends: Put flux on the metal wire ends and then heat them with the soldering iron. Apply solder to the heat end of the wire, this should create a shiny, metallic look on the wire end. This process is known as tinning. 5. Twist the Wires Together: Twist the two wire ends together so they form a tight connection. Make sure the twisted wires have no overlapping, crossed, or exposed metal strands. 6. Heat the Joint: Place the tip of the soldering iron on the joint and heat it until the solder melts and runs into the joint, adhering the wires together. 7. Remove the Iron: Let the joint cool, and then remove the soldering iron. 8. Inspect the Joint: Inspect the soldered joint and make sure it has a strong connection. If you have access to an electrical multimeter, you can use it to check the connection before replacing any electrical components.
What qualities should a good engineer have?
1. Analytical Thinking: A good engineer should have strong analytical skills to be able to identify and solve complex problems. 2. Creativity: Good engineers should be able to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions. 3. Attention to Detail: Attention to detail is important for preventing errors and creating a quality product. 4. Strong Technical Knowledge: Engineers should have a thorough understanding of the systems and processes they are working with in order to be successful. 5. Intellectual Curiosity: Engineers should have an inquisitive nature to stay ahead of trends and developments in the field and stay current. 6. Collaboration: Good engineers should be able to work well with others in order to have the most successful outcomes. 7. Time Management: Timely and organized work is essential in engineering, so good engineers need to be able to manage their time properly and meet deadlines.