How many community pharmacies are there in Australia?

As of June 2019, there were 6,614 accredited community pharmacies in Australia.
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Can I use my iPhone to broadcast live?

Yes, you can use your iPhone to broadcast live. Apple offers a range of apps that allow you to live stream your video content directly to the web or social networks. Popular apps include Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouNow.

How do I Change my Reply settings in outlook?

1. Open Outlook. 2. Click the "File" tab in the top left corner of the Outlook window. 3. Click "Automatic Replies.) 4. Select "Send Automatic Replies." 5. Select one of the two options, "Send Replies to External Senders" or "Send Replies only to Senders in My Contact List." 6. Enter the text you would like to use as your reply message and click "OK" when finished.

What is PNP device?

PNP (positive-negative-positive) is a type of electronic transistor that acts as an electronic switch. It normally requires a small amount of current to operate, and when it is off, it blocks current flow.


What happens when you completely clean the drive while resetting PC?
When you completely clean the drive while resetting a PC, any existing software and data stored on the drive will be wiped out and replaced with a new, clean copy of the operating system. This means that the drive will be entirely reset to its factory state, with no music, photos, documents, or other data present. In addition, any settings and configuration files stored on the drive will also be reset to their default values.
How many cavities does the nasal septum divide?
The nasal septum does not divide cavities. It is a wall of bone and cartilage that separates the left and right nasal cavities.
What is an air conditioner hose or Window Kit?
An air conditioner hose or window kit is a venting accessory designed to attach an air conditioner to an open window. The kit usually includes a flexible exhaust hose, window seal and mounting hardware. The window seal helps to ensure that warm air and moisture from the air conditioner does not enter the room. The mounting hardware allows the hose to be securely connected to the window frame.
Are irrational numbers closed under Division?
No, irrational numbers are not closed under division. For example, the division of two irrational numbers may result in a rational number.
Are home cooked meal healthier then fast food meals?
Yes, home cooked meals are typically healthier than fast food meals. Home cooked meals provide an opportunity to control the amount of fat, sugar, and salt you use while preparing and serving the meals. Additionally, fast food is often cooked in greasy oil, while home cooked meals can be cooked with healthier, less processed oils and cooking methods.
Where will the Commonwealth Games be held in 2026?
The 2022 Commonwealth Games will be held in Birmingham, England. The 2026 Commonwealth Games have not yet been awarded to a host city, but they are expected to be announced sometime in 2022.