How do I make a quiz in Google Forms?

1. Log into Google Drive and click on “New” and then “Google Forms.” 2. Name your quiz or survey. 3. Begin writing your questions and fill in the answer choices. If you want to include a question with a textbox for respondents to type an answer, select at the “Short Answer” option. 4. If you want to make any of your questions required, click on the checkbox next to “Required Question.” 5. Go to the “Settings” tab and select any additional options, such as if you want the quiz results to be stored in a spreadsheet. 6. Click the “Send” button at the top right to send the quiz to anyone with a link or to embed it in your website.
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What happens if an NRI does not file an itr?

If an NRI does not file their Income Tax Return (ITR), they will be liable for penalties and may be subject to a backdated tax liabilities. They will also be unable to avail any benefits under the Income Tax Act. This may include not being able to claim deductions and exemptions, and not receiving any refunds resulting from erroneous tax payments. If an NRI is caught evading taxes, they can also face criminal penalties, including fines and/or imprisonment.

What are land tenure rules?

Land tenure rules refer to the set of rules and regulations governing the rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups in relation to the use, control, and ownership of land. These rules can differ by region, but generally they outline who is eligible to use, occupy, and benefit from the land, how the land may be used and for what purposes, as well as how long an individual or group may use the land before relinquishing it. They also establish the legal rights and responsibilities of those who own, occupy, use, and manage the land.

What are the key segments of the cybersecurity market?

The key segments of the cybersecurity market include: 1. Endpoint Security: Endpoint security solutions aim to protect end user devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones from malware and other network threats. 2. Network Security: Network security solutions provide protection to an organization's networks from cyber threats. 3. Cloud Security: Cloud security solutions protect an organization's data stored in the cloud from cyber attacks. 4. Identity & Access Management: Identity & access management solutions enable organizations to control and monitor user access to networks and applications. 5. Content Security: Content security solutions protect an organization's data from malicious actors who may use a variety of techniques to compromise data. 6. Mobile Security: Mobile security solutions provide comprehensive protection for mobile devices and applications. 7. Application Security: Application security solutions protect software applications from cyber threats.


Is it better to run Windows apps on VMware or wine?
It really depends on the specific app, but generally speaking VMware is a better option for running Windows applications in a non-Windows environment. VMware provides more support for compatibility, allowing applications to run more reliably, and it is also more secure, as it creates a virtual machine that acts as an isolated environment from the host operating system. Wine, on the other hand, does not offer the same level of compatibility or security.
What happens if you let your car get repossessed?
If your car is repossessed, the lender will usually keep it until the balance of the loan (including repossession fees and related costs) is paid in full. The lender may also have the option to sell the car at an auction to recoup the loan balance. If the proceeds from the sale do not cover the loan balance, you may still be liable for the remaining balance. Additionally, the repossession will be reported to the credit bureau and may damage your credit score.
Why is headset chat mixer important?
Headset chat mixers are important in allowing users to adjust the balance of game audio and chat audio in their headsets. This is incredibly useful in keeping communication clear and audible, especially in more chaotic games. Having independent control over the two different audio elements helps to reduce the chance of confusion and make for a more enjoyable gaming experience.
What are layered PCBs?
Layered PCBs are printed circuit boards made up of multiple layers that are sandwiched together. Each layer contains circuit components, plated vias, traces, and pads that facilitate electrical connections between different layers. These PCBs provide a number of advantages over traditional single-layer boards, such as increased manufacturing flexibility, design options, and communication bandwidth. Additionally, the extra layers allow for better signal routing and shielding for improved performance.
Which personality traits are most likely to abuse drugs?
Personality traits that are most likely to abuse drugs include impulsivity, sensation-seeking behaviors, low self-esteem, lack of impulse control, and decreased stress tolerance. Additionally, individuals with a history of trauma, low self-confidence, and depression may be more likely to abuse drugs.
How do you focus a macro?
To focus a macro lens, you need to move the focus ring until the image in the viewfinder is sharp. This can be done by looking through the viewfinder while turning the focus ring or using manual focus and live view. When using manual focus and live view, you can magnify the image to make focusing easier.