Is email notifications triggered when someone comments on a Word document?

No, email notifications are not triggered when someone comments on a Word document.
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What does Gothic font mean?

Gothic font is a type of typeface characterized by thick, block-like lettering and a distinct lack of curves, usually presented in all-capitals. Gothic fonts often evoke a feeling of mystery and darkness, giving them a place in horror, fantasy, and various other genres of entertainment.

How to print multiple PDFs at once?

1. Open all the PDFs you want to print at once. 2. On a Mac, press Command+P to open the Print window. 3. Set the settings in the printer settings window. 4. Click Print All in the lower right corner of the printer settings window. 5. All the documents will print out at once.

What can cause a compressor to burn out?

A compressor can burn out due to a number of different things, such as electrical issues, low refrigerant levels, incorrect voltage, clogged or dirty filters, or overextending the compressor.


Is corn considered a fruit or a vegetable?
Corn is considered a vegetable.
How to declare global variables in JavaScript?
To declare a global variable in JavaScript, use the keyword "var" before the variable name, like so: var myGlobalVariable = value;
Does Magnalite still make pots?
No, Magnalite is no longer in production. The company stopped production in 2004, after hundreds of years in business.
What makes a good social media manager?
A good social media manager should have strong communication skills, both verbal and written, as well as excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities. They should also have a good understanding of the latest trends in social media and the ever-changing algorithms. They should position themselves as a knowledgeable leader, and be highly organized, creative, and strategic when it comes to content creation and management. They should also be able to think and act strategically, staying ahead of the trends and campaigns in order to make sure their posts are as effective as possible. Finally, they should also have the ability to meaningfully engage with followers and build relationships with other influencers in their field.
What are the layers of SQL Server Security?
1. Authentication 2. Authorization 3. Auditing 4. Encryption 5. Database security 6. Operating system security 7. Network security 8. Firewall configuration 9. Resource isolation 10. Data integrity
How many editions of FIFA 23 are there?
There is no such edition of FIFA. The latest edition of the FIFA video game series is FIFA 21.