Will there be another Mortal Kombat movie?

It's possible, but there are currently no concrete plans for another Mortal Kombat movie. The latest movie, which released in 2021, was a box office success and a critical and fan favorite, so it's likely that if another movie is produced it will be given more consideration by the studio.
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What is the difference between 3D PDF and PRC?

3D PDF is a type of PDF file that contains 3-dimensional data stored in a single file in a standard PDF format. It can be used to share and present 3D models with textures, lighting, and shading intact. PRC (Product Representation Compact) is a 3D file format that can be used to store things like CAD/CAM models in a way that allows them to be shared by multiple applications. PRC files are usually much smaller in file size, making them more efficient to share. PRC files can also be used to store textures and lighting information, along with other meta data.

What makes Oracle Cloud Infrastructure a better cloud platform than AWS?

1. Security: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides the most comprehensive, secure, and automated security at the infrastructure and application layer. This ensures the most secure cloud platform, as compared to other cloud providers such as AWS. 2. Network Performance: OCI offers the lowest latency and highest throughput for your applications, giving you maximum performance and scalability. 3. Cost: OCI is more cost-effective than AWS due to its flexible pricing models, allowing customers to save money by pay-as-they-go or lower, reserved pricing. 4. Flexible Architecture: With OCI, customers can build a custom cloud environment that meets their exact requirements without having to rely on ready-made solutions. 5. Machine Learning: With the Oracle Cloud Machine Learning, customers can easily create, manage, and deploy ML models to build, run, and manage predictive applications in the cloud. 6. On-Premise Integration: OCI offers a comprehensive and secured integration between cloud and on-premise systems, allowing customers to easily migrate their workloads to the cloud. 7. Developer Tools: Oracle provides a range of developer tools and application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow developers to quickly and easily create, deploy, and manage cloud applications.

Is the landscape of tech offices changing?

Yes, the landscape of tech offices is changing. Many tech companies now prefer shared, open-plan office spaces with more natural light, comfortable furniture and collaborative workspaces. The focus is also shifting away from isolated cubicles and PCs, to environment that are more collaborative and flexible. Some offices also feature recreational spaces like ping pong tables and arcade games, with the goal of fostering creativity and innovation.


What tool do you use to cut wire mesh?
A pair of wire cutters is the most common tool used to cut wire mesh.
Can seller back out if appraisal is low?
Yes, the seller can back out of a sale if the appraisal is too low. This can happen if the appraised value of the home comes in below the agreed upon sale price. In this case, the buyer and seller will have to either negotiate a new sale price or the seller can withdraw their offer.
Is 64GB RAM too much for a PC?
64GB RAM is more than enough for most users, but it really depends on how you plan to use the PC. If you're a gamer, the extra RAM may be beneficial, but for the average user, 64GB could be overkill.
Why is my Instagram feed not showing new posts?
If your Instagram feed is not showing new posts, there could be several potential reasons. It’s possible that your account is experiencing an outage due to an issue on Instagram’s end. If that’s not the case, it could be an issue with your data connection, or even that you’re not following the accounts you expect to see in your feed. Additionally, if you’ve recently changed your username, it’s possible that the new username has not yet propagated through Instagram’s systems. Finally, it’s possible that certain accounts you follow are hidden (due to content preferences) or have their posts filtered out (due to their posting frequency).
What happens if one phone line is damaged?
If one phone line is damaged, any calls made on that line will be unable to be sent or received. Depending on the extent of the damage and the type of phone line, it could require repair or replacement.
What happens if your psoriatic arthritis diagnosis is delayed?
If your psoriatic arthritis diagnosis is delayed, it may lead to a greater risk of joint damage and loss of function. Symptoms may be more problematic and disabling, and the condition could be more difficult to treat. Additionally, treatment may be more expensive, and you may experience more physical, mental and emotional distress due to a lack of proper care. Early diagnosis and management are essential for the best outcome for psoriatic arthritis.