How many users do you need for Jira Server?

Jira Server requires at least 10 licensed users to start. There is no upper limit, and Jira can support as many users as you need.
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How does a community differ from a population?

A community is a group of living organisms or people that interact with one another and rely on each other for sustenance in a particular geographic area. A population, on the other hand, is a group of individuals of the same species within a given area at a particular time. So while a population generally refers to a larger group than a community, the two terms represent different levels of the same concept.

How to use WhatsApp Web on Android?

1. Install the latest version of WhatsApp on your Android device. 2. Open the app and tap the Menu button on the top right corner of the screen. 3. Tap WhatsApp Web and then tap on the “scan” button in the subsequent page. 4. Open the browser on your computer and visit 5. Position the scanner on your phone over the QR code present on your computer. 6. Your WhatsApp messages will be automatically synced to the browser.

What is the core business of the Corporation of Kosovo?

The core business of the Corporation of Kosovo is to ensure that the socio-economic, legal, and political interests of the citizens of Kosovo are advanced, and to promote private sector-driven investments, economic development and job creation. This is done by operating and managing state-owned enterprises and promoting public-private partnerships and other economic initiatives.


How long does Instagram block an account?
Instagram will typically block an account for a few days, or possibly even weeks or months depending on the situation. The length of time they block an account depends on the severity of the offense and whether or not it is a repeat occurrence.
What are the signs and symptoms of DMDD?
The signs and symptoms of DMDD tend to vary depending on the individual, but may include: * Extreme fear of rejection or abandonment * Frequent temper outbursts that last 20 minutes or longer, are disproportionate to the situation, and are expressed with greater intensity than typical emotional situations * Intense irritability, being easily annoyed and/or having difficulty with mild frustration * Intensely negative thinking, including feeling that there’s no hope * Low self-esteem and/or feeling of worthlessness * Inability to relax, focus, or complete tasks * Anxiety, worrying, and/or depression * Aggressive, defiance, or oppositional behaviors * Poor relationships with peers and/or adults
What percentage of nitrates are removed by reverse osmosis?
The percentage of nitrates that can be removed by reverse osmosis is highly dependent on the reverse osmosis membrane's pore size, as well as the feed water's nitrate concentration. Generally, reverse osmosis membranes can typically remove nitrates up to 99 percent.
When should I use the metered internet connection setting?
The metered internet connection setting should be used whenever you have limited or metered data usage, such as on a mobile phone or a satellite internet plan. This setting will help you manage your bandwidth and data usage by setting limits on how much data certain programs and applications can use.
Is Google's drone surveillance project Ethical?
The ethicality of Google's drone surveillance project ultimately depends on the purpose and implementation of the project. In some cases, drone surveillance may be used in ways that are ethical and beneficial, such as to combat crime or provide aid in emergency situations. However, in other cases, drone surveillance may be used in ways that raise ethical concerns, such as to monitor citizens and invade their privacy.
Why do companies use the subscription model?
Companies use the subscription model for a variety of reasons. This model allows them to acquire predictable, long-term revenue streams. It can also help them to promote loyalty and brand recognition, as customers will be more likely to stick with the same product or service if they have already invested in it. Additionally, a subscription model encourages customer engagement, which can bring in even more income by steering people toward other products or services offered by the same company. Furthermore, it can generate more efficient marketing and customer support processes.