What is the sensitivity of a 5 volt sensor?

The sensitivity of a 5 volt sensor would depend on the type of sensor and the range of 5 volts that is being measured. Without knowing those specifics, it would be impossible to provide an exact answer.
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Where are my purchased apps on iTunes?

Your purchased apps appear in your iTunes Library. To see what apps you have purchased, open iTunes on your computer and go to the "Apps" section. You will see a list of the apps you have downloaded in the "My Apps" section.

What are the advantages of Mainframe legacy systems?

1. Cost savings – Mainframe legacy systems are typically much less expensive to maintain than newer technologies, since their hardware and software are typically more mature, and no conversion or migration costs are required to use them. 2. Reliability – Mainframes are incredibly reliable and tend to have very low rates of downtime. This makes them extremely attractive to organizations in industries such as banking, where any downtime could result in costly losses. 3. Security – Mainframe legacy systems are better suited to data security than many other systems. Consequently, they are often used to store sensitive data in industries such as banking, healthcare, and government. 4. Scalability – Mainframes are incredibly scalable, allowing organizations to easily upgrade their hardware and software as their needs change. 5. Integration – Mainframe legacy systems are well-suited for integration with other systems, allowing organizations to easily transfer data between various applications.

What is the proper percentage to tip?

The appropriate percentage to tip depends on several factors, such as where you are dining and the quality of your service. Generally, the accepted range for tipping ranges from 10% to 20%, with 15% being a standard tipping amount.


what territory is
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (also known as the Mormons) is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Other than Utah, there is no specific territory designated as Mormon-occupied, as the church has millions of members worldwide.
Does the IRS know about your bank account?
No, the IRS does not have access to your bank account information. However, some banks may be required to report certain types of deposits and withdrawals to the IRS under certain circumstances.
How to delete multiple records at once using checkboxes?
In order to delete multiple records at once using checkboxes, you will first need to select all the records you wish to delete by checking the corresponding check boxes. Then, you can either use a Delete button or run a script to delete the selected records at once. To run a script, it should include a loop (such as a for loop) that loops through the selected records, and then uses a delete command for each one.
What is the difference between diagnostic and formative assessments?
Diagnostic assessments measure a student’s current level of knowledge or skill on a particular topic and provides the necessary information that is needed to create an effective learning plan or program. These assessments help to identify gaps in knowledge, as well as strengths, so that the teacher can target instruction to address the student’s needs. Formative assessments, on the other hand, are used to evaluate learning as it is occurring. This type of assessment is used as a tool to measure progress and provide feedback on how to improve learning. Formative assessments also serve to have the student take ownership of their learning.
How do I get Wimbledon tickets for 2020?
For 2020, tickets to the Wimbledon Championships were made available through a public ballot. The ballot has now closed, so tickets are not available at this time until the decided date in 2021.
What is a vegan egg white substitute?
Many vegan egg white substitutes can be found in health food stores, such as Ener-G Egg Replacer, Bob's Red Mill Egg Replacer, and Orgran No-Egg Egg Replacer. These products typically contain starches and binders, such as potato starch and tapioca flour, to help create a binding agent similar to real eggs. You can also get creative and use ingredients such as flax eggs, mashed banana, or apple sauce to bind ingredients in baking recipes.