Are the Pyramids of Giza still standing?

Yes, the Pyramids of Giza are still standing. They were built approximately 2,500 years ago and remain one of the world's greatest architectural wonders.
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What is the best natural remedy for arthritis?

Although there is no single natural remedy for arthritis that works for everyone, some people find relief from the symptoms of arthritis through the use of topical preparations containing capsaicin, menthol, or camphor; dietary supplements including ginger, turmeric, and fish oil; physical therapy; yoga; and acupuncture. Depending on the severity of the symptoms and the type of arthritis, it might also be useful to consult a doctor or homeopathic practitioner.

How to install VMware Remote Console on Linux and macOS?

1. On Linux: • Download the VMware Remote Console Client installer to your local drive. • Make sure it’s executable. To do this, use the chmod command to change the file's attributes: chmod +x VMware-Remote-Console-x.x.x-xxxxxxx.bundle • After that, run the installer: sudo ./VMware-Remote-Console-x.x.x-xxxxxxx.bundle • Follow the instructions on the terminal to complete the installation process. 2. On Mac OS X: • Download the VMware Remote Console installer package. • Double-click the .pkg file to open the installer, and follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation process.

What does empty email from mean?

An empty email from someone could mean that they had intended to write something, but forgot or changed their mind. It could also mean that the message was not sent correctly, or that the sender accidentally deleted the content.


Is perfect competition an ideal market structure?
No, perfect competition is not an ideal market structure. Although it offers some benefits including efficient market prices and high competition, it also may lead to overly competitive pricing that can make it difficult for firms to make a profit. It can also lead to a lack of innovation as firms have minimal incentive to invest in research and development.
What are some examples of third generation programming languages?
Examples of third generation programming languages include Visual Basic, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and SQL.
What are the disadvantages of Internet Explorer?
1. Limited support for web standards: Internet Explorer is infamous for its slow adoption of web standards, often implementing them long after other browsers. This means websites may not look and behave as expected on Internet Explorer. 2. Poor JavaScript performance: JavaScript performance in Internet Explorer is well below that of other modern browsers, making it a poor choice for resource-intensive web applications. 3. Security vulnerabilities: Internet Explorer has a reputation for being the least secure browser due to its history of security vulnerabilities. Microsoft has since worked to improve the security of the browser, but it still lags behind its competitors. 4. Poor compatibility with mobile devices: Internet Explorer does not have good support for mobile devices, making it a less than ideal choice for designing and managing websites for hybrid mobile apps. 5. No automatic updates: Unlike Chrome and Firefox, Internet Explorer does not automatically update itself. This means users have to manually update the browser to ensure they have the latest version with bug fixes and security patches.
How to fix SD card keeps deleting files by itself?
1. Try formatting the SD card. 2. Check the file system of the SD card and make sure it's compatible with your device or use a different device if possible. 3. Check for any loose connections that might be causing the issue. 4. Try using a different SD card altogether. 5. Check for malware or virus on the SD card using an anti-virus tool. 6. If you have multiple SD cards, switch them out and see if the issue persists.
Why do you need technology for your business?
Technology is an increasingly important aspect of modern business operations. It can help increase productivity, reduce costs, automate processes, and enable better customer service. Technology can also help businesses gain a competitive edge, as they can quickly and easily access data, analyze trends and draw insights. In addition, tech tools can enhance security and help make operations more efficient.
What are the best crampons for Scottish winter?
The best crampons for Scottish winter are ones that are designed specifically for winter conditions in Scotland. Look for crampons with full steel construction and anti-balling plates that help to prevent snow from packing into the teeth. Look for crampons that can accommodate different sizes of boots and have adjustable straps for a secure fit. Additionally, crampons with toothed horizontal front and rear points are preferable for optimum grip on icy surfaces.