Do customers really want to receive promo emails?

The answer to this question will depend on the individual customer and the type of promotional email they are receiving. Some customers may prefer to receive promotional emails that offer deals and discounts, while others may find them to be disruptive and intrusive. Ultimately, it is important to listen to feedback from your customers and tailor any promotional emails accordingly.
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What is the difference between kill and killall in Linux?

The main difference between kill and killall is that kill terminates a specific process, as identified by its process ID, while killall terminates all processes with a given name. In other words, kill is used to terminate a single process, and killall allows you to terminate multiple processes with the same name.

What are the best transport apps in the UK?

1. Citymapper – an app that helps you plan an journey through the UK, no matter what your destination. 2. Trainline – a train and bus travel app allowing you to book tickets and access helpful timetables and maps. 3. Uber – lets you book a private car to arrive wherever you’re going, with low fares and great customer service. 4. Gett – focuses solely on taxis, allowing you to conveniently compare and book the best-priced route in seconds. 5. mytaxi – one of the most recognised rideshare apps, connecting you to the closest available taxi driver with just a tap. 6. Whim – the best app for on-demand or subscription-based travel, with a range of monthly travel plans to suit all budgets. 7. Lime – a bike and scooter sharing app, enabling you to travel quickly, conveniently and safely around towns and cities in the UK. 8. Liftshare – connecting you with local people travelling to the same place as you, so you can share the journey and maybe even make a friend along the way.

Is asphalt Sealcoating right for You?

Asphalt sealcoating can be a great option for any homeowner looking to make their driveway look better, last longer, and resist the elements. It can also be useful for businesses that need to maintain parking lots and other asphalt surfaces. Sealcoating helps protect the asphalt from becoming damaged by water, UV light, gas and oil, and other agents found in the environment. It also makes the asphalt surface look more attractive and inviting. If you’re looking to enhance the appearance of your asphalt driveways, parking lots, or other surfaces, then asphalt sealcoating may be a great choice for you.


What is the Coke vs Pepsi War?
The Coke vs Pepsi War is an ongoing battle between the two iconic soft drink brands over market domination. Both companies have spent decades attempting to persuade consumers to choose their beverage over the other. This has involved intense marketing campaigns, promotions, celebrity endorsements, and brand loyalty initiatives. The war has been particularly intense in recent years as the brands continue to compete for market share and profits.
What makes mobile payments so great?
Mobile payments are a convenient way to pay for goods and services without needing to use cash or a physical credit or debit card. They also offer enhanced security, as most mobile payment solutions leverage technologies like tokenization and digital wallets which add extra layers of protection between the customer and the merchant. Additionally, they can help reduce business operating costs, as they may be able to help businesses reduce their need to invest in traditional payment infrastructure. The convenience, security, and cost savings of mobile payments overall make them a great option for the modern shopping experience.
Do you need a psychometric test for a job?
It depends on the job and employer. Some jobs may require a psychometric test, while others may not. It's best to contact the employer for more information.
What happens to vacant land after demolition?
What happens to vacant land after demolition depends on the land's zoning and the goals of the local government. Generally, the land may be redeveloped for residential, commercial, or industrial use, depending on the market and the zoning designation. It could also become a public park, a public facility, or kept undeveloped. It also might be divided and sold off as smaller lots.
What is a phone gimbal?
A phone gimbal is a device that is used to help stabilize a phone when it is in motion. This device helps to reduce any shakes, or bumps and allow for smooth camera shots or footage. Phone gimbals use both electronic and mechanical elements to counterbalance the weight of a phone to keep it stable.
How to use OBS Studio as a virtual camera?
1. Download and install OBS Studio on your computer. 2. Open OBS Studio and create a Scene (Window capture) with your desired video source. 3. Select the scene with your desired video source as the active scene. 4. Press the “Settings” button in the bottom right corner of the window and select “Output”. 5. Under the “Output” tab, make sure the “Mode” is set to “Advanced”. 6. Under the “Advanced” tab, make sure the “Video” section is set to “Virtual Camera Output”. 7. Enable the “Virtual Camera Output” option. 8. Create an audo source such as your microphone and add it to the scene. 9. Add the scene as an audio source. 10. Start streaming or recording and your OBS Studio will now act as a virtual camera!