What happens if the promise is resolved?

If the promise is resolved, then the asynchronous operation that was being performed has succeeded and the promise's value will be returned. Depending on the context, this value could be anything from the result of an API request, the contents of a file, or the successful completion of a task.
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How many future stars swaps will I get from Toty?

The amount of future stars swaps you will receive from the TOTY event depends on the specific rewards and challenges you take part in. Unfortunately, it is not possible to provide a specific number of future stars swaps you will receive as this varies from player to player.

What happened to the upside down on Stranger Things?

The Upside Down is a parallel universe created by the creatures from the alternate dimension known as the Unseen. It is featured in the Netflix original series Stranger Things and is inhabited by the series' antagonistic creature, the Demogorgon. At the end of the show's first season, after Eleven sacrificed herself to save her friends, a door between the two dimensions was opened, allowing the Upside Down to invade the real world. The show's second season sees the characters trying to close the door to prevent the spread of the creatures, while they search for answers about the mysterious alternate dimension. In the end, the characters are successful in closing the door, preventing the Upside Down from taking over the real world.

How does saveprechange PeopleCode work?

SavePreChange PeopleCode is an event that fires prior to a field or record being saved. This event can be used to validate or check data prior to a change being saved or to force a value into the field or record. It is a type of application engine event, meaning that it can also be used to trigger a workflow or external process.


Can a file system be unmounted?
Yes, a file system can be unmounted by either closing the file explorer window, or using a command line tool (like umount).
How to uninstall GIMP on Windows 10?
1. Close GIMP if it is open. 2. Go to your Start Menu, click on Settings. 3. Select “Apps” and find GIMP in the list. 4. Then click on Uninstall and confirm it in the pop-up window. 5. Once uninstalled, delete the GIMP folder from Program Files. 6. Finally, delete all relevant GIMP files from your AppData folder (C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming).
Is Avatar the way of water as good as the first?
No, Avatar: The Way of Water is not as good as the first Avatar movie. The original Avatar is hailed as one of the greatest films of all time, with many deeming it to be a cinematic masterpiece, whereas Avatar: The Way of Water has been met with much more mixed reviews.
How do you set up an anonymous trust?
1. Determine the purpose of the trust. Speak to an experienced attorney to ensure you understand how to establish the trust appropriately based on your goals. 2. Select the trustee. When establishing an anonymous trust, select a person who will remain anonymous and is legally capable of managing the trust. 3. Draft the trust document. Work with a lawyer to draft the trust paperwork that includes the name and details of the trust, the purpose, the trustee’s duties, who will benefit from the trust, and how the trust is to be funded. 4. Fund the trust. Gifts and other contributions can be heavily regulated, so it’s important to be aware of applicable legal limitations before transferring money into the trust. 5. Keep the trust anonymous. Once the trust is funded, the trustee should remain anonymous, and any transactions related to the trust should be done in a prudent and confidential manner.
What happens if you use a trademark without permission?
If you use a trademark without permission, you may face legal action from the trademark owner. Depending on the jurisdiction, this could include being sued for trademark infringement and facing costly penalties. Additionally, if the trademark is registered, the owner may also pursue other forms of legal action, such as reimbursement for damages, disgorgement of profits, and a permanent injunction to stop your use of the trademark.
What is the future of the technology landscape?
The future of the technology landscape is filled with possibilities. We can expect to see advances in areas such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, connectivity, the Internet of Things, and Big Data. Technology will continue to change the way we do things and interact with the world around us. It will also shape the way we consume information, interact with businesses and the way we learn and work. We can also look forward to seeing an increase in the amount of automation within the workplace, as well as a decrease in the cost of living due to increased efficiency.