What is the difference between local storage and session storage?

Local storage stores data in the user's browser that persists after the browser is closed, whereas session storage stores data for a specific session only, and does not persist after the browser has been closed.
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what are ibm cloud

IBM Cloud Foundations is a set of integrated, repeatable patterns, practices and tools that enable enterprises to more quickly deploy and gain value from the IBM Cloud platform. The Foundations help customers accelerate their cloud journey by providing a comprehensive set of software and automation tools to automate the deployment of secure, compliant and reliable environments. The Foundations provide customers with prepared infrastructure to quickly get applications running on the cloud and incorporate advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain technologies.

How do I request a call back for a conference call?

To request a call back for a conference call you should contact the organizer of the call to inquire about the details. Depending on the particular conference call, the organizer may be able to provide you with a number to call in or provide you with information on a call-back option. Be sure to provide the organizer with your contact information and the best time to call so that they can call you back at your convenience.

What is the mouth sync filter on TikTok?

The Mouth Sync filter on TikTok is a tool that automatically creates lip-sync videos by matching your movements to a song of your choice. It uses your device’s camera to track your lips and mouth movements as you lip-sync along to the song. You can adjust the speed, pitch, and volume of the song, as well as customize the colors and effects of the video. The final video looks like a professional lip-sync, without having to manually synchronize your mouth movements.


What is the best curling flat iron?
There is no single "best" flat iron for curling hair, as the best iron for any individual depends on their hair type, desired style, and budget. However, there are several highly-rated curling flat irons on the market from well-known brands, such as hot tools, Corioliss, Remington, and ghd. When choosing a curling flat iron, make sure to pick one with the best features for your hair type, such as adjustable temperature settings, ceramic plates, and an extra-long cord.
What is the best affordable treadmill?
A great affordable treadmill that is gaining popularity is the NordicTrack T 6.5S. It’s a great entry-level treadmill that comes with a few extra perks like Bluetooth connectivity, a two-ply belt, and a decline and incline capability. It is perfect for those who are looking for a quality, cost-effective cardio investment.
What is the difference between elastic limit and plastic limit?
Elastic limit is the maximum stress at which a material can be stretched, beyond which it begins to change shape permanently. Plastic limit is the point of stress at which the material stretches past its elastic limit, resulting in a permanent deformation that will not return to its original shape upon removal of the stress.
What devices use Thunderbolt ports?
Thunderbolt ports are found on Mac computers, some HP and Dell laptops, and other Apple device such as the iPad. Thunderbolt ports are also used in some high-end monitors, external drives, docks, and other peripherals.
Can the Internet actually be turned off?
Yes, the Internet can be turned off in certain regions and countries by turning off internet service providers or the power grid that they run on. Also, the government of a particular region can block internet access using firewalls.
What is the difference between Visual Basic NET and Visual C
Visual Basic .NET (VB.NET) and Visual C# .NET (C#) are both object-oriented programming languages used on the .NET Framework. The main difference between them is that VB.NET uses a syntax that is simpler and more concise than C#, which allows developers to write fewer lines of code. Additionally, VB.NET has access to various data types and elements that can be used more easily than in C#. C#, on the other hand, is more advanced and has more powerful features, such as the ability to tap into advanced .NET technologies and libraries. In terms of performance, both VB.NET and C# offer comparable results.