Is the component available for all Lightning page types?

No. The component is available only for App, Home, and Record pages.
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How to check bandwidth usage?

To check your bandwidth usage, you can use a network monitoring tool like NetStat or a bandwidth usage tracking program like Bandwidth Monitor. Most internet service providers include bandwidth usage tracking in their customer accounts, so you can log in and view your usage history. You can also check your router for live bandwidth usage. Some routers have built-in traffic monitors that allow you to see real-time usage.

What does Venus have in common with Earth?

Venus and Earth are the two most Earth-like planets in our Solar System, and the only two that have similar sizes and densities. Both also have atmospheres composed of nitrogen and oxygen and have comparable rotational periods.

How do you restart a laptop?

Restarting a laptop typically involves pressing and holding the power button until the laptop turns off, then pressing the power button again to turn the laptop back on. This differs from powering the laptop off and then pressing the power button to turn it back on, which is known as a "cold boot".


what are ibm cloud
IBM Cloud Foundations is a set of integrated, repeatable patterns, practices and tools that enable enterprises to more quickly deploy and gain value from the IBM Cloud platform. The Foundations help customers accelerate their cloud journey by providing a comprehensive set of software and automation tools to automate the deployment of secure, compliant and reliable environments. The Foundations provide customers with prepared infrastructure to quickly get applications running on the cloud and incorporate advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and blockchain technologies.
How do you create a directory in GitHub?
GitHub does not provide tools for creating directories. If you want to store directories on GitHub, you will first need to create them on your local computer before pushing them to your GitHub repository.
What does MIDI mean on a piano?
MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface and is a protocol used for connecting electronic musical instruments, computers, and other equipment with each other to enable communication. It is often used on digital pianos to communicate with other musical devices such as computers, synthesizers, and sound modules.
Can I delete a permalink?
Yes, you can delete a permalink. In WordPress, to delete a permalink, you simply need to go to the Permalink Settings page in the WordPress Admin dashboard, find the permalink, and delete it.
What is frozen meat slicing machine?
A frozen meat slicing machine is a specialized machine designed to cut frozen meat, such as fish, beef and pork, into thin slices for use in cookery. This equipment is commonly used in the food processing industry and can speed up the process of slicing large amounts of frozen meat with precision.
How to search for a GameObject child inside a parent GameObject?
You can use the GetComponentsInChildren() method to search for a GameObject child inside a parent GameObject. For example, if you wanted to find the child with a specific name, you could call GetComponentsInChildren(typeof(GameObject), true) and then loop through the results and check the name property.