How to reactivate Microsoft Office 365?
To reactivate Microsoft Office 365, you need to log into your account and select the subscription you would like to reactivate. Once the subscription is selected, click on the “Renew” button. You will then be prompted to enter in your payment information and the Office 365 subscription will be reactivated. You should also see a confirmation message once the reactivation has been successful.
How to hide calendar details from others in outlook?
1. In Outlook, select File > Options > Calendar. 2. In the Calendar options window, select Free/Busy Options. 3. Select the radio button for Limited Details. 4. Select OK, and then select OK again. Limited Details hides all private events from being seen by others. Only the free/busy (busy, tentative, and out of office) calendar information is visible to others.
How to import an Excel file into an Outlook calendar?
1. In Outlook, go to File > Options > Advanced. 2. Scroll down to the ‘Import and Export’ section, then select ‘Import from another program or file’ and click ‘Next’. 3. Select ‘Comma Separated Values (Windows)’ and click ‘Next’. 4. Select the Excel (.xlsx) file you want to import and click ‘Next’ 5. Confirm the save settings if desired, click ‘Next’, then click ‘Finish’ to import the file. 6. To add the imported contents to your calendar, select ‘Calendar’ from the destination folder drop-down menu. 7. Click ‘Next’, review the settings, then click ‘Finish’ to import the file into Outlook.
How to send an invitation for a meeting in outlook?
1. Open Microsoft Outlook. 2. Click the "New Items" drop-down arrow, then click the "Meeting" option. 3. Click the "To" button, then select the contacts you want to invite to the meeting. 4. Add a subject and location for the meeting. 5. Add any relevant notes to the body of the invitation. 6. Select a date and time for the meeting, including any end time. 7. Set any reminder or recurrence options. 8. Click "Send" to send the invitation to the selected contacts.
How to open email attachments in Microsoft Outlook?
1. Open Outlook and click on the email that contains the attachment you'd like to open. 2. Double-click on the attachment to open it. Some attachments may require additional steps. 3. For example, if the attachment is a compressed file (.zip, .rar, etc.), you'll need to unzip it before you can open it. 4. Click on the unzip button that appears in the top ribbon of the Outlook window. 5. The file will then be unzipped and available for you to view or edit.
How to delete all holidays from Outlook?
1. Open Outlook on your computer and click "Calendar". 2. Select a view of the calendar, such as "Day" or "Month", in the top left corner. 3. Click "View" in the menu bar and select the "Go To Date" option. Enter the date range of holidays you want to delete. 4. Left-click any of the holidays on the calendar to select them. Press Ctrl + A to select all of the holidays within the date range. 5. Press the Delete key to remove the holidays from your Outlook calendar.
How do I make access database read only?
1. In the Open dialog box, right-click the Access database and select 'Properties' 2. Select the 'Advanced' tab. 3. Place a check mark in the 'Read-only' check box. 4. Click 'OK' and select 'Open'. 5. The Access database will now be in read-only mode and all contents will be locked from editing.
How do I access my accounts?
You can access your accounts by logging in to your online banking or by visiting a local branch. Most banks offer mobile banking apps as well, which can make it even easier to access your accounts on the go. Additionally, some banks offer ATM access, giving you the ability to make deposits, withdrawals, transfers, and more.
How to export email contacts from Outlook?
1. Open Outlook and go to File > Open & Export > Export/Import. 2. Select Export to a file. 3. Click Next and select Comma Separated Values (Windows). 4. Select the contacts folder that you want to export. 5. Select the contacts you want to export. 6. Click Finish, then enter the file name and folder you want to save the exported contacts to. 7. Click OK to export the contacts.
How to restore .PST and .OST data files in outlook?
To restore PST and OST data files in Outlook, open Outlook and go to File > Open & Export > Open Outlook Data File. Browse to the location of the Outlook data file (either PST or OST) and select it. Once you select the file, click on Ok and the data file will be loaded in Outlook.


How to recover deleted photos from OneDrive on Android?
1. Start by logging into the OneDrive app on your Android device. 2. Tap on the ‘Three lines’ icon in the top left-hand corner of the navigation panel and select ‘Recycle bin’. 3. Your deleted photos will appear in the Recycle bin. To recover them, select the photos that you want to recover and tap on the ‘Restore’ button. 4. The selected photos will be restored to their original location in your OneDrive.
Can a law enforcement officer make an arrest?
Yes, law enforcement officers have the authority to make arrests for alleged violations of the law.
When to use Exchange 2010 to Office 365 migration?
Exchange 2010 to Office 365 migration should be used when a business is looking to move from their on-premise email platform to the cloud. This is especially valuable for businesses with a distributed work force that require an easy-to-manage infrastructure and the ability to work from anywhere. Additionally, migrating to the cloud offers cost savings, enhanced security and data compliance.
Why would I need to visit a Social Security Office?
You may need to visit a Social Security Office for a variety of reasons, such as applying for Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits, to update or change your Social Security record, or to obtain a new or replacement Social Security card.
How to access your IRB study approval letter in irbmanager?
1. Log in to your account on 2. Click on "Studies" on the navigation bar. 3. Select your study from the list. 4. Click on the Documents tab. 5. Select the Approval Letter from the list of documents. 6. You should now see a PDF copy of the study approval letter.
What does a corporate office do?
A corporate office is the administrative center of a company. It is the headquarters from which a company’s managerial and executive functions are carried out. It typically houses the executive staff, executive officers, the board of directors, strategic planners and operational personnel. The main purpose of a corporate office is to create and implement policies, allocate resources, and direct activities that coordinate and advance the goals of the organization.