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Below is a selection of American made desktops. Due to the large number of models available we can not include them all on this page. Instead, we direct you to companies based on the type of desktop they produce.

If you’re looking for desktops to fit a small budget, and want one from an American company that builds it here in the U.S., check out AVADirect’s desktop line. They have several models that are very affordable and still have good design and performance features. Also check out CybertronPC, they have several high performance desktops under $600.

If you’re looking for gaming desktops, the first place to look is Digital Storm. They have a selection of gaming PCs that fit different budgets and needs. They look great too. CybertronPC is another good option. Their gaming computers have highly stylized cases, good technology and are certainly affordable.

Velocity Micro also shouldn’t be overlooked for gaming PCs. They pride themselves on finely crafted PCs designed for quality and performance.

For desktops with a small form factor check out Velocity Micro’s Edge Mini. It is only 4.5 inches square and just 1.5 inches tall! AVADirect also makes small desktops ranging in price and levels of performance.

For high performance machines take a look at Puget. Many of their models are high performance and have high reliability rates. And of course, there is always Apple’s Mac Pro.


For whisper quiet sysytems there is Puget’s Serenity line. AVADirect also makes a line of low-noise desktops, with a wide range in price and performance.