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Designed By Apple In California
Assembled in USA

apple-usa Apple has made a ground breaking decision to start producing computers once again in the USA. The California based company has invested $100 million to shift production of the Mac Pro from China to the United States.

Made in USA

Made in USA

The Mac Pro is Apple’s most advanced, most powerful desktop computer ever made. It required a sleek, innovative new design in order to efficiently cool its enormous processing core. Its the first line of Apple computers made in the USA in years, and hopefully its success will lead to models with wider appeal being made here in the future.

According to CEO Tim Cook the American made Mac Pro “… will be assembled in Texas, include components made in Illinois and Florida, and rely on equipment produced in Kentucky and Michigan.”

This line is meant for professionals and technophiles and comes with a hefty price tag, though you can usually get it a a few hundred dollars cheaper here. If you are looking for a more affordable American made PC, check out the companies listed below.


velocitymicro200One thing about buying American is that you’re buying quality. Velocity Micro prides themselves on performance and craftsmanship. Those aren’t principles you normally associate with a computer, but you should. Their computers don’t come off an assembly line and they aren’t loaded down with pre-installed bloatware.

Your computer is something you should take pride in. It shouldn’t be full of cheap parts, assembled in China and shipped halfway around the world. It should be hand made in places like Richmond, VA where the Velocity Micro engineers carefully build each unit.

Velocity has a broad range of PCs they assemble here in the U.S., from the incredibly small Mini to the Raptor line for extreme gamers to high quality laptops. Given their performance level, American based support, and stylish design Velocity computers are a solid value for your money.

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Puget Systems is an American manufacturer based out of Seattle. They specialize in custom, build to order computers, based on high quality parts and excellent customer service.

puget-laptop-made-in-usaPuget builds highly capable American made computers, designed with you to tackle any kind of performance need. They can custom design a system around your needs, be it for post-production and design, photography or even home theater pcs. They also can build whisper quiet desktops or desktops with a very small form factor. They have an excellent customer service program, where they will work with you at no cost to design your perfect computer. When you buy a desktop or laptop made in the USA, it often comes with a higher level of customer service.

Puget backs up their computers with a comprehensive warranty. They cover lifetime tech support and labor, with a one year parts warranty. But keep in mind, they are meticulous about using only the highest quality parts with the lowest failure rates. With Puget, you are getting very high quality and very high service.

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origin-logo-300You don’t hide an Orgin PC behind a desk. This is a computer you’re going to want on display. Orgin PCs are a combination of ultimate customization and state-of-the-art desgin.

Orgin caters to gaming enthusiasts as well as professionals who need a cutting edge workstation. They allow a high degree of customization, everything from the color and design of your case to professional overclocking.

Their website makes it easy to customize your order, but if you have any questions, just give them a call at their production facility in Miami. You’ll get to talk to someone who actually builds computers, not a guy in a cubicle overseas. That’s the difference when you buy a computer or laptop made in usa.

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cybertronIf you are looking for a high performance desktop computer at an affordable price, take a look at Cybertron. For under $500 you can get a high quality American made desktop, built and supported in Wichita, Kansas.

Cybertron, however, may be best known for their high powered gaming PCs. They have dozens of models designed to fit any performance need and to stay within any size budget. Customers rave about their gaming PCs, citing the high quality of the parts and the excellent customer service.

Cybertron computers also come with lifetime technical support, with real live Americans. They’re trained not to read off a script, but rather to work with the customer to solve the problem in one phone call.

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digitalstorm Digital Storm hand builds cutting edge gaming desktops and laptops in their Fremont, California design and manufacturing facility. They’re proud of their Silicon Valley location and include a tour of their facility on their website.

digitalstormmadeinusaDigital Storm is quick to incorporate the newest tech into their American made gaming PCs making sure to eliminate any bottlenecks for maximum performance. While using high end components, they still remain reasonable in price, providing a good value for consumers. Their least expensive gaming desktops are a good buy even for regular computer users, as you consider they won’t be obsolete for years.

Their systems are fully customizable, and like most American computer manufacturers, they come with live, helpful American technical support.




Lotus PC

lotus computersLotus Computer builds top quality laptop and desktop computers, covered by industry leading warranties and genuine customer service and tech support for life. Lotus builds every computer by hand in the United States, and tests each one for performance and quality before shipping out to customers all over the USA and the world.

A small business, Lotus is dedicated to growing into one of America’s leading computer brands, while keeping all jobs in America, helping to keep our economy alive and bring America back as the world-leading manufacturing country.

Lotus products are engineered with the very best components and technology, making them last longer and run better than computers from other cost-cutting brands. With a quality computer from Lotus, you’ll get a dependable, American made desktop or laptop that will run fast and reliably for years to come.



AVA Direct

avadirectAVADirect Custom Computers designs and manufactures high quality, innovative PCs in Cleveland, Ohio. They’re best known for being competitive on price, while still providing innovative, high quality systems.

AVADirect has very affordable silent-running desktops, a feature often overlooked for home office or shared living space computers. They also have a line of slim and mini PCs, with a few options under $400. AVADirect also designs models with plenty of power. They have a line of impressive workstations and gaming laptops as well.

An AVADirect computer comes with lifetime technical support and a 3 year parts and labor warranty. Those are the commitments a company can make when they know they are building quality systems. As with most computers made in the USA, you’re paying for high quality parts designed for maximum performance and lifespan.


American Made Computers

Unfortunately Systemax has discontinued its computer line. They did not outsource production to another country, they simply shut down their manufacturing operations altogether. The market for desktop PCs has declined greatly, which likely factored heavily in their decision. Systemax is still in business, however, and will continue their American based technical support for those of you who did get a chance to buy one of their American made computers.


This should not be considered a complete list of American computer companies. We are adding companies as we find them and as time allows.

Keep in mind that no computer can be made of 100% American parts. Computers are made of a diverse amount of components made in countries all over the world. In fact no computer can be 100% made in any country. Computers made in China are made up of foreign and American parts too. Hard drives, processors, RAM, motherboards and many other components are made throughout the world. Some individual components are made in factories in several different countries. Because of the diversity of the supplier chain, no computer is made of parts from just one country. But when you are buying an American computer, you are supporting American assembly jobs, and also providing a cost advantage for domestic suppliers of computer components.